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Although Service providers such as electricity, water or gas have long since switched to digital, some without consulting the client, we still move between paper. Also they banks and certain public administrations have been digitized. But the paper is still there in the form of contracts, delivery notes, receipts and forms that, sometimes, we cannot avoid. However, scanning documents and turn them into an image, a text document or a PDF document is nowadays as easy as taking your phone out of your pocket and photographing that document.

Thanks to current applications, some of them integrated into your own phone, such as Apple Notes and your iPhone, you can photograph or scan a document, extract the text or simply convert it into an image identical to the original but with the malleability of digital in front of the paper. In addition, you can upload it to your personal cloud, share it with whoever you want or make endless copies.

Previously we have already talked about some of the best tools to digitize documents with your smartphone. Here are three Android-only document scanning apps. They will help you convert tons of paper in digital files.

Simple Scan

Living up to its name, Simple Scan It is intended to be an easy-to-use application for scanning paper. Obviously, any physical document can be scanned by this tool. Once the paper is photographed, the app itself will define the edges.

From there, we will obtain an image that we can save in JPG or PDF format. And to save it, you can choose your own Android or online storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. And, of course, it is possible to share it with third-party apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Gmail.

As optional functions, Simple Scan It makes it easy for us to write on top of the document, once it has been scanned. This way you can add corrections or changes to a draft. In addition, it allows include a watermark to protect the PDF if you are going to spread it. Finally, it has OCR text recognition in multiple languages.

scan documents

Scanner App

Applications for scanning documents basically consist of three steps. Scan, edit and save or share. But in each process, each app contributes its particularities. Scanner AppFor example, in the process of scanning documents, it allows you to retouch the image to enhance the text, touch up the edges, rotate the image if it is skewed, etc.

Once the scan is done, this Android app also serves as PDF document organizer. So you can manage your invoices, delivery notes, books or papers in folders. And if you want to use them on other devices or share them, from the Android Share button you can send a PDF or more to any compatible application.

In addition to in PDF format, Scanner App save scans in JPG and TXT. This last format thanks to its support of OCR recognition. And in JPG and PDF format you can perform some editing actions, such as adding a digital signature.

scan documents

PDF Scanner App

Either a paper document, a book or a personal identification such as your ID or your passport, PDF Scanner App helps you convert it to image or PDF format in a matter of seconds. How long it takes to focus your Android phone’s camera. The margins adjust themselves, and if it doesn’t look right, you can rescan again and again.

So that the result looks the best possible you can go to the Instagram-like automatic filters. Choosing one or the other will depend on whether you have scanned an image, text, or both. Whatever type of document to be scanned, PDF Scanner App you’ll get a digital equivalent effortlessly.

Apart from filters and the function of rotating the document and cropping the edges, PDF Scanner App It is very simple. Of course, it also has a file organizer so you can save huge amounts of files in folders. JPG or PDF files without losing them. And then you can send them to other applications to share or send them To whom it may concern.