4 Android Apps to Help Tenants Create a Home Inventory

If you’ve ever rented a property, you know how easy it is for your landlord to tell you that something’s broken, or something’s missing, or that there’s another reason you need to give up your deposit. Well, a great way to avoid this is to keep an inventory list, so that you know what’s in your place as you move in, and what condition everything is in.

So, here are the four best Android apps for keeping an inventory.

1. Magic Home Inventory

The Magic Home Inventory App allows you to build a comprehensive and in-depth inventory of your home. With this app, you can create different rooms, and insert a wide range of items into a set list of sections within your chosen room.

For example, if you’re looking to add an inventory for your bathroom, you don’t need to just stick to the basics. You can click the “Mirror Cabinet” option, and either add items from the provided list, or create your own items and categories.

The app also offers a “Sunburst Diagram” option, where you can see a pie-chart-esque display of what items you have in any given section of a room.

Download: Magic Home Inventory (Free)

2. Sortly

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Sortly is a simple yet nifty little app that helps you keep a reliable inventory list without complications. With Sortly, you can add whatever rooms you’d like to catalog, or you can just stick to object categories, the choice is yours.

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When adding your items, the app will allow you to enter the quantity, price, notes, and even a barcode if you want to keep things very well documented. Additionally, you can add a photo of any given item, which is great for tracking the condition of something when you first move in, versus when you move out.

You can also export items, or move them to a different room or category if you get a little rearranging done in your home.

Download: Sortly (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. StuffKeeper

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StuffKeeper is another easy-to-use app that allows you to effortlessly create an inventory list for your home. This app is a little simpler than the others mentioned here, but still offers some useful features.

You can create multiple locations with which you can organize items, as well as add a picture of each item to log its condition. You can also add notes to your items. For example, if you’ve noticed an item is cracked or stained, ensure that you make us of the Notes section to log these kinds of faults. They may save you from a nasty fine in the future!

The StuffKeeper app also has a premium version (which costs around $20 for a lifetime subscription), where you can document an unlimited number of items, and sync it to the cloud. On top of this, you won’t have to watch any ads while using the app.

However, given that the other apps in this list offer unlimited features at no cost, you might want to consider them before upgrading on StuffKeeper.

Download: StuffKeeper (Free, premium version available)

4. All My Stuff

The All My Stuff app allows for in-depth documentation of the items in your home.

Not only can you select from a number of categories, such as Electronics, Home, and Tools, but you can add some useful specifications to each of your items. The app allows you to select a brand, price, quantity, size, and age for every item you log. On top of this, you can add your own picture of any given item each time you log something.

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You can also make use of the app’s search feature if you’re looking for a particular item among a large inventory list, making it much easier to check, delete, or edit items.

Download: All My Stuff (Free)

Keeping an Inventory Can Avoid Big Problems, and Even Bigger Bills

While some of us have landlords who aren’t too strict on deposits, many of us have had to give up considerable chunks of money when they decide things just aren’t up to scratch, sometimes without reason.

So, if you want to make sure you don’t get tricked into giving up your deposit, give these apps a try, and ensure you have a reliable inventory to keep things in check.

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