5 Android Apps That Will Help You Quit Bad Habits

It’s easy to form bad habits without even realizing it. Be it eating junk food, procrastinating, drinking too much alcohol, or anything else, bad habits can become noticeably detrimental in our lives.

So, if you’re looking to quit your bad habits for good, check out these five Android apps that can help you get started with building a healthier life for yourself.

1. Quitzilla

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The Quitzilla app is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can help you log and track your bad habits. This app lets you record the habits you want to quit, what part of your life they affect the most, and how long it’s been since you last engaged in the habit.

The app then sets up a 24 hour recurring timer, and an overall timer, which shows you how far you’ve gone since engaging in your habit last. However, the app only lets you add two habits with its basic version, so you’ll have to upgrade to premium to add more.

The app’s premium version also allows you to customize the interface and choose themes, as well as create home screen widgets for the habit timer counter and the quote of the day that the app generates.

Download: Quitzilla (Free, premium version available)

2. Since I Quit

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Since I Quit is another great option for those looking to pull away from bad habits.

This app allows you to add a total of five habits that you want to quit. The idea here isn’t that you need a premium version to add more habits (the app doesn’t even have a premium version), but that adding too many habits to quit can often be overwhelming. So, just having a handful of habits at a time is a lot more sustainable.

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The app will suggest common bad habits, such as procrastinating or drinking alcohol, but you can of course create your own custom bad habits too. It will then set up timers for each habit, so you can see when you last did it.

Download: Since I Quit (Free)

3. Bad Choice Tracker

The Bad Choice Tracker app is a simple yet effective way to track your bad habits and keep yourself in check. With this app, you can list which habits you want to quit, and then check into the app, clicking the ‘bad choice’ button, when you have in fact engaged with a bad habit.

After doing this, you’ll be asked to give a reason why you erred, from just being bored, to not thinking it’s a big deal. This sort of accountability taking can be hugely helpful in fully quitting your bad habits.

You can also log your day in general using the app by checking a number of different factors, such as sleeping, exercising, working, or any other extra factors you want to add.

After you’ve entered at least two days of data, the app will provide statistics based on how you engage with your bad habits, so you can see how you’re doing.

Download: Bad Choice Tracker (Free)

4. Quit Bad Habits

Quit Bad Habits offers a comprehensive habit-quitting tool that keeps you in check and lets you log your progress.

With this app, you can add which habits you want to quit, and log how long you want to quit them for. Then, the app will set up a timer for each and record how long it’s been since you last carried out any of the listed bad habits. You can view your number of relapses, time since your previous relapse, and more.

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You can also log the financial implications of your habits, if they do in fact cost money. The app will then calculate how much money you’ve saved since last engaging with a bad habit, which can be a great incentive for continuing to progress.

Keep in mind that if you want to add more than two habits, you’ll then have to watch an ad for each additional habit you want to log. But these are only 20 or 30 seconds in length.

Download: Quit Bad Habits (Free)

5. To Don’t

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The To Don’t app is a great way of holding yourself accountable on a daily basis for your bad habits. You can add the habits you want to quit, and choose which days you do, and don’t, want to engage with the habit.

After adding your habits, you will then be asked to log daily whether or not you have carried out any of the listed habits. And, it’s that simple. This app is simple in its features, but its effectiveness could be pretty successful in terms of taking accountability.

Download: To Don’t (Free)

Freeing Yourself From Bad Habits Can Be Easy and Stress-Free

While some bad habits, of course, require intervention or professional help, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some habits can be gotten rid of with the simple help of an app on your phone. Just admitting that you need to stop, and logging your interaction with a habit, can help massively in overcoming it. Best of luck!

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