5 things to know Monday

Facebook whistleblower testifies before British Parliament

After former employee Frances Haugen leaked internal documents and testified before Congress that Facebook and its properties “harm children, stoke division, weaken our democracy and much more,” more political fallout could come for the social media giant Monday. That’s when Haugen will testify before the British Parliament and further explain why she leaked the documents that provide a rare glimpse into the decisions made at Facebook that affect nearly 3 billion users worldwide. Also, the company will release its third-quarter earnings, where more scrutiny may rain down from some investors worried about what happens next to Facebook, which was valued at more than $900 billion last Friday. 

Storm started by ‘bomb cyclone’ rages on in Western US

A storm continues to impact parts of the Western United States Monday after a “bomb cyclone” over the Pacific Ocean unleashed it. Over 160,000 homes and businesses in California, more than 170,000 in Washington, and over 28,000 in Oregon were left without power on Sunday due to the extreme weather. Two people were killed when a tree fell on a vehicle in the greater Seattle area. Flooding across the San Francisco Bay Area also closed streets in Berkeley and inundated the Bay Bridge toll plaza in Oakland over the weekend. The storm was most severe in the northern and central portions of California and part of southern Oregon, with the greatest intensity lasting into Monday, AccuWeather Meteorologist Jon Porter said. Rainfall of up to 2 inches an hour may come “too fast and too furious,” leading to serious flooding and mudslides that could threaten lives and property, he added. 

Difficult jury selection continues in trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s killing

The search for 12 jurors and four alternates continues this week in the murder trial of the three men charged with killing 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery. Complicating the process is the fact that multiple prospective jurors in the small town of Brunswick, Georgia, have told the court they know Arbery, the defendants, potential witnesses, jurors, or other figures in the case. Some worried they would be identified as a juror in the press and face personal repercussions after rendering a verdict. Arbery, who was Black, was fatally shot last year while out jogging. Three white men – Greg McMichael, 65, his son Travis, 35, and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, 52 – stand accused of his murder.

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The death of Ahmaud Arbery: What happened and when

A mural of Ahmaud Arbery is on display in Brunswick, Ga., where the 25-year-old man was shot and killed in February. It was painted by Miami artist Marvin Weeks.

Biden heads to New Jersey to promote his infrastructure plan, social agenda

President Joe Biden on Monday travels to Newark, N.J., to try to generate support for a bipartisan infrastructure plan and his Build Back Better social agenda, NJ.com reported. Biden has been working to get separate wings of his Democratic party to agree to a climate and social safety-net package worth between $1.9 trillion to $2.2 trillion, down from an original $3.5 trillion. The New Jersey Globe reported that Biden will appear in Newark with Gov. Phil Murphy, who is seeking to become the first New Jersey Democrat re-elected as governor since Brendan Byrne in 1977.

Fox Weather, with extended forecasts, launches Monday

Want to check the forecast for an event three months from now? That’s the promise of Fox Weather, a free app that launches Monday for iPhones and Android. Along with a 24-hour streaming service, users get access to an immersive mobile 3D map for a detailed view of the weather where they live. “It kind of makes radar a little more fun,” said Steve Baron, senior vice president of digital product and strategy. The app also boasts a plan option where users can use Fox FutureView, which lets them create plans several months ahead to keep track of forecasts. It will also feature a Weather Wire for the latest local and national weather news and alerts for major weather events.