7 Apps Every Movie Lover Needs

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Screenshot: Joel Cunningham

I used to keep a small notebook around where I would write down every movie I watched and give it a star rating. Somewhere over the years (or, to be precise, after I had kids), I stopped keeping track, and at my current advanced age, I probably couldn’t name the last five movies I watched. That’s where Letterboxd comes in.

This social app works a lot like the website Goodreads, but for movies. You can use it to log all the movies you watch, give them a star rating, write a review (if you so choose), and share your profile with other users (though you can also keep your viewing info private). You can follow other users on the site to keep track of what your friends and favorite film critics are watching, or check in on what’s trending.

Like JustWatch, Letterboxd offers a robust free version, but if you are willing to pay around $1.50 per month ($19 per year), you can remove ads, enjoy more personalized stats and sorting options, and integrate your watchlists with JustWatch so you get an alert when something you want to see is added to a streaming service you subscribe to.

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