7 Top Features That Will Make You Want to Use Microsoft Edge on Android

Since being upgraded to Chromium 92, Microsoft’s Edge browser for Android has been in line with its desktop counterpart. This unification of the mobile and desktop codebases has brought innovative features to the mobile platform, which are available from Edge version 92 and later.

For you, it means being able to sync and share things that matter across your devices, and enjoy safer, easier, and smarter browsing. So let’s explore these great features of the Edge on Android.

1. Experience a Faster and Smoother Edge

A browser that’s not fast enough to respond to your commands can be annoying. You might have experienced it when a site takes time to open up on a slow browser with heavy memory usage.

What you need for a good browsing experience is faster responses and shorter load times, which is what Edge on Android offers you. Edge is much faster and smoother when compared to the previous release on Chromium 77.

So now you can browse without any lag, and do more, and faster too.

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2. Browse Worry-Free With the Updated Password Manager

We all access so many apps and sites on our phones to work, connect, take a course, watch a movie online, and much more. Remembering and saving all those passwords securely can be quite a task.

But with the Password Manager on Edge, you can not only save passwords securely but also sign in to websites automatically. It even gives you password suggestions.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Tap on your Account Profile picture on the Home Screen and then tap on Account Name. The Accounts page will open up and Passwords will be on by default.
  2. Tap on Passwords. You will see that Save passwords is on by default and Edge will automatically save passwords for your apps and sites.
  3. Now toggle Auto Sign-in to on, to automatically sign in to websites with your stored credentials.

Moreover, you can also choose to turn on Autofill for other apps. So when you’re browsing on Edge, you can quickly sign in to an app like Instagram or Pinterest with the information fields automatically being filled with your saved credentials.

And if you’ve kept Strong passwords on, you can get Edge to suggest a strong password when you’re creating a login password for an app or site. It’s really useful especially when you want to log in to a site quickly but can’t think of a good password immediately.

3. Send Tabs Across Devices and Platforms

If you’ve been using a Microsoft account to access apps across devices, you would know that you can share your tabs and browsing history. But Edge now takes this a step further: you can send your links across Windows, macOS, and Android.

  1. Make sure you have Edge installed on all your devices and are logged in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Now, to share any page on the web, tap the menu and select Send to devices.
  3. The Send link to your devices section will open up with a list of your connected devices.
  4. If you’re sending a link to a connected desktop, select the desktop and then tap on Send.

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A notification with the URL of the page will be sent to the desktop. You can access the notification on Edge on your desktop and click it to go to the page.


4. Take Screenshots From the Browser

Edge supports the ability to take screenshots of web pages without using the phone’s screenshot options.

To take a screenshot of any page on the web:

  1. Tap the Share icon on the bottom right of the browser screen.
  2. You will find the Screenshot icon on the bottom left of the page. Tap on it to take a screenshot of the page.
  3. And then tap the Share icon on the bottom right to choose how you want to share the screenshot, via mail, Bluetooth, or any app.

5. Stay Focussed With the Built-In Ad Blocker

If you like a clean and fast browsing experience with no distracting ads or pop-ups, then Edge will delight you. Edge for Android comes with a built-in ad blocker that lets you block most ads, show acceptable ads, or block all ads.

You get the option to turn on ad blocking when you’re setting up Edge for the first time. Else you can choose to turn it on later in the settings.

To block most ads:

  1. Tap the three-dots menu button and go to Settings > Privacy and security.
  2. Turn on Block ads.
  3. The Allow acceptable ads option will also become available and with this on, you will see non-intrusive, respectful ads.
  4. There is also an Exceptions option, where you can whitelist websites to allow all ads on them.

6. Translate Web Pages With Microsoft Translator

With translation support for more than 60 languages, Edge also acts as your personal translator.

To set your language preferences:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Microsoft Translator.
  2. Now simply tap on Add language to select and add languages in your preferred order of appearance.
  3. Also, you can select whether Edge will offer translation for those languages or not.

When you open a page in Edge the browser automatically detects the language of that page. If the language is not on your list of preferred languages, for example, if it’s in Hindi (which you haven’t set up), the Microsoft Translator alert will appear at the bottom of the screen, asking you to confirm that you want to translate that page from Hindi to English.

Then just tap on English and the page will be translated in a snap.

7. Browse Safely With Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Cyber attacks are increasing by the day, with viruses and malware evolving and posing more serious threats than ever before. Staying safe online should be a top priority for you, and choosing Edge would be a smart move.

Edge comes with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which is turned on by default on the browser. SmartScreen is designed to help you and your content stay safe online.

When you go to websites or download files, SmartScreen checks the reputation of the URL or file. If it determines that the site or file is malicious, it blocks you from going to the site or downloading the file.

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Enjoy the Web More With Edge on Android

Compatible with Android 5.0 and newer devices, Microsoft Edge is vastly improved compared to its previous versions. It’s fast, secure, and smart, and can make a positive difference to how you work, connect, and enjoy.

Consider this: securely saved passwords so you don’t need to remember them, easily taking screenshots, and sharing URLs, passwords, tabs, and favorites across devices. Plus no annoying ads, a safe browsing experience, and more—surely, the Edge offers many compelling reasons to switch to it on your Android phone.

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