8 Best Open World Games You Didn’t Know You Could Play On Android

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the development of the first iPhone and Android-based devices. No longer associated with the likes of Angry Birds or Candy Crush, it has become a major part of the games industry in and of itself. As of 2020, it comprised 57% of the entire gaming market share.

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As awareness of the gaming possibilities on smartphones and tablets developed, so has the technology used to power more demanding games. This includes emulation software, which allowed players to dust off long-forgotten copies of classic open-world titles and give them a new life as they relive them on the go. Android’s versatility allows people to emulate increasingly demanding games, including sandbox hits from consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast or Nintendo’s Gamecube.



How To Play:

Dreamcast emulation Back when it first came out, Shenmue was a very divisive title. Players either hated it or loved it, mainly because its dedication to being as realistic as possible had a major impact on the gameplay’s dynamics. However, what it lacks in fast-paced action, Shenmue more than makes up for with a rich, detailed world and a fascinating story. Emulating the PS2 on Android remains in the realm of dreams for now; however, Sega’s Dreamcast console emulators run surprisingly well on newer devices. With the right controller setup, Shenmue is the perfect choice for players who want to revisit a game that revolutionized the concept of realism and side activities in the gaming industry for the years to come.

The Simpsons: Hit And Run


How To Play:

GameCube emulation Some may argue that Shenmue’s slow-paced gameplay isn’t really fitting for mobile gaming. Those players will surely appreciate the wild, crazy ride that is The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Widely regarded as one of the GTA clones that actually worked, the game allows gamers to take control of all the members of the Simpsons family.

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The gameplay is very similar to that of GTA III, which was Hit and Run’s main inspiration. Driving around is the main focus; however, there is also a lot of fun to be had on foot, with a surprisingly well-developed melee combat system. The plot revolves around an outlandish plan by aliens to invade Springfield, and will surely spike the interest of any person calling themselves a true Simpsons fan.



How To Play:

PS1 emulation Most Grand Theft Auto fans are well aware that Rockstar has re-released GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas for mobile devices. However, it’s also possible to play other GTA games on smartphones. One of these is the very first title in the series. Due to its top-down perspective and simplistic controls, GTA works very well as a handheld title and is surprisingly well-adjusted to touch controls. Emulating the first Play Station shouldn’t be a problem on modern Android devices. It’s a great pick-up-and-play title with very “arcadey” gameplay, and not much going on in the way of the story.

Animal Crossing


How To Play:

GameCube emulation Nintendo fans will be overjoyed to learn that Dolphin, the leading GameCube and Wii emulator, works just fine on modern devices with the Android operating system. This will allow them to indulge in nostalgia by playing Animal Crossing on the go.

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New Horizons took the world by storm in 2020, but it would not have been possible had the first game been unsuccessful. The first Animal Crossing is the life simulator that gave rise to all of the mechanics players know and love from its sequel. Despite the discontinued multiplayer, it is still a joy to grow and develop one’s own house in the single-player mode.

Titan Quest


How To Play:

Google Play Store There is no phrasing or genre that describes Titan Quest better than “Diablo-clone.” However, the THQ-developed title takes that slightly derogative categorization and turns it into a compliment. Action-RPG fans will feel right at home. The combat and magic mechanics are nearly identical to those in Blizzard’s hit title. What sets Titan Quest apart is the ancient mythology-focused story and setting. Players o explore Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese myths throughout their quest to save the world from the looming Titan threat. The role-playing mechanics are incredibly complex, giving players freedom in taking their characters in whichever direction they like. Players can buy and download Titan Quest from the Google Play Store; however, its re-release on mobile devices unfortunately went unnoticed by many players.

Bully: Scholarship Edition


How To Play:

Google Play Store Throughout the 2010s, Rockstar Studios has given a solid boost to mobile gaming by re-releasing their PS2-era games for iOS and Android. Bully: Scholarship Edition’s release on mobile devices went under many gamers’ radars back in 2016, but it is still available to pick up on the Google Play Store at a reasonable price.

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Bully is one of the shorter Rockstar open-world games on Android, offering gamers around 18 hours of fun. With brief missions and frequent save points, Bully: Scholarship Edition is a concise, yet sweet experience that players can enjoy on the go in short bursts of time. The overall tone of the game is reminiscent of Rockstar’s other titles, adjusted to suit a boarding school setting.

GTA Vice City Stories


How To Play:

PSP emulation This is the only GTA title from the PS2 era that did not get re-released for Android and iOS, due to copyright disputes regarding the game’s soundtrack. Fortunately, thanks to the PPSPP emulator, GTA fans can enjoy Vice City Stories on their phones. It’s time to relive Victor Vance’s story all over again. Vice City Stories gave players the option to simulate Tony Montana’s day-to-day business dealings by including a more intricate process of property management. It involved upgrading various businesses around town in order to get them to generate more profit that could later be used to buy up new properties. The game allowed players to build a true criminal empire in Vice City.


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Players who want a truly immersive open-world experience should look no further than The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Thanks to the talented developers behind the OpenMW engine, the game’s files can be copied directly onto an Android device and opened just like a native application. Not only does it run the game, but also supports all of the mods available on PC. The engine is available on the Play Store as OpenMicroWave (OMW). It comes with comfortable touchscreen controls, as well as controller support. Morrowind is the first “modern” Elder Scrolls game, and has laid the foundations for the future best-selling games from the franchise: Oblivion and Skyrim. Some players consider it to be the best title in the series to this day. With a detailed and wonderfully bizarre open world, this 2002 game can easily immerse players for hundreds of hours.

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