8 photo editing apps that should be on your phone in 2021

This app may have Photoshop in its name, but it is far from a serious photo editing app. Using AI, this app adds special effects and corrections to a photo already in your phone. Adobe’s ‘Sensei’ automatically identifies the type of photo to apply special effects and also adjust colour, lighting and clarity. Adobe Photoshop Camera is available for free on iOS and Android.

6. Prisma

Sticking to the fun theme is Prisma, which adds trippy filters to transform your photo into pieces of art. Some of the creations we’ve seen seem to have been painted by Salvador Dali himself. There is a wide variety of filters on offer, and you can tweak the intensity as well to suit the photo. Prisma is available for free on iOS and Android, but for complete access you’ll need to subscribe – Rs 204.08/month or Rs 2,449/year.

7. TouchRetouch

The worst thing that can happen to your photo is someone photobombing it. Thankfully there’s an app to remove what you don’t want from your favourite photo. TouchRetouch lets you remove unwanted stuff with just a tap or slide of your finger. It feels so easy that you wonder why all editing apps don’t offer this feature. TouchRetouch is available for Rs 179 on iOS and Rs 130 on Android.

8. Hipstamatic Classic

This is a retro app in every sense as the Hipstamatic Classic app lets you ape an ancient camera. You choose the lens, film and flash, and the overall experience is quite fun and nostalgic. It’s not all retro though, and there’s a very capable modern editor mode built in to give your photos the necessary touch ups. Hipstamatic Classic is available on iOS for Rs 269.


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