9 Goal Tracking Apps to Help You Track and Achieve Your Goals

You probably realize the importance of goal setting. Better yet, you may have your own goals that you want to achieve. Whether it’s about money, health, or relationships.

But how will you know if your goals are on track? It can quickly become overwhelming to work on your goals, and at the same time, keep track of them. Here are some apps that can help you track your goals as you work on them and stay motivated while doing so.

1. Strides

strides goal setting app

Strides is a goal-setting and tracking app that helps you track your goals and habits in one place. It uses four trackers, namely, habit, target, average, and project, to help you track your goals. The habit tracker tracks your goals on habits (either good or bad), and the target tracker shows you if you are hitting your daily targets.

The average tracker shows you how much progress you have made on average. For example, there is a weekly average that aggregates the mean of your accomplished weekly goals. Lastly, the project tracker tracks the milestones you have achieved in a project. It is for more long-term goal tracking. These trackers are easy to customize to meet your needs.

Download: Strides for iOS (Free, premium plans start from $4.99)

2. Coach.me

Coach.me app

Do you thrive better when you have a community? If you do, Coach.me is the app for you to track your goals. It allows you to set your goal public, and have others see you working on it, and hold you accountable.

The high-five feature on the app enables you to celebrate when you reach your milestones and get props from the online community support. The app also has the option of paid private coaches who can help you set, track, and achieve your goals.

Download: Coach.me for Android | iOS (Free, coaching starts from $25)

3. Way of Life

Way of Life app

Having great habits is half the battle won when you want to achieve your goals. Way of life is an app that helps you cultivate the right habits. The app has reminders to keep you going to form a positive habit or break a nasty habit. There is even a diary function feature to write your triggers whenever you slip up and go to your old ways.

The app also has a daily goal tracker with a unique color-code system to help you stay on top of your goals. In the free plan, you can track three goals and have charts ranging from weeks, months, or even years to track your progress.

Download: Way of Life for Android | iOS (Free, premium starting from $4.99)

4. ATracker


Would you like to know how much time you’re spending on your goals? ATracker app will help you with that. All you have to do is logging in when you’re working on your goal, and then turn it off when you’re done.

The app has a data analysis feature that analyzes the time logs and gives you a report of how much time you are spending on your goals. You can get a sense of how much time you’re spending on your goals. The app also syncs with Google Calendar, so you can use it to compare planned activity with how much time you spent on your goals.

Download: ATracker for Android | iOS (Free, premium starting from $2.99)

5. LifeRPG

LifeRPG app

Do you like your apps to be like a game? If you do, LifeRPG will be an ideal goal-tracking app for you. The app is gamified, and goals are named “missions”. The missions/goals are then classified into difficulty, urgency, or fear parameters.

The difficulty parameter is based on your perception of how hard it is going to be for you to achieve your goal. The urgency parameter is how fast you want to achieve a goal, and fear is how anxious or stressed you feel about finishing a mission (goal). You are required to enter one of these parameters on a scale of 0-100 when on a mission.

The app has reminders to do your missions (work on your goals) and tracks every mission. LifeRPG has a steep learning curve. However, once you get the hang of it, your goal setting and tracking will be fun and games.

Download: LifeRPG for Android (Free)

6. Toodledo

Toodledo app

Toodledo is a productivity tool that helps you keep track of your goals and is flexible enough to work with many productivity styles. The app has inbuilt time parameters that you can set for yourself when working on your goals. You can also track your habits using the Habits section on the app. So, you can use it to cultivate good habits and even break bad habits.

Download: Toodledo for Android | iOS (Free)



GoalsonTrack describes itself as goal setting and goal management software for high achievers. The app helps you break down big goals into sub-goals or milestones and helps you build detailed and organized action plans to help you achieve the goals. You get to track your goals on the app’s dashboard.

The app also helps you build good habits by linking them to your goals. So, while you get to track your goals, you also get to form good habits.

Download: GoalsonTrack for Web | iOS (Free, $68/user annually)

8. Weekdone


Weekdone is a goal tracking app that uses OKR. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting method that sets, tracks, and re-evaluates goals every quarter. Google uses this goal-setting system and many other Silicon Valley companies.

Weekdone app helps you track quarterly goals for yourself, your team, or your company. You also get to track your goals weekly, and you get a Weekdone report and dashboard sent to your email, web, mobile, and tablet.

The report follows the PPP method of reporting progress, plans, and problems:

  • Progress: What has been achieved already?
  • Plans: What are you planning to do this week?
  • Problems: What challenges have you encountered with your plans?

Download: Weekdone for Android | iOS (Free, paid plan starts at $90).

9.Joe’s Goals

Joe's goals app

Joe’s Goals is a simple goal-tracking web page that helps you set up daily goals and track them with just a click. It tallies your daily score of goals you have achieved and allows you to place multiple checks on the same goal whenever you have extra productive days.

It also has negative scores of goals you have not met. When you reach your goals, you get a personal score badge that you can share with family and friends or even post on your blog. The downside with this app is that it is not visually appealing; it feels dated and is only available on the web.

Download: Joe’s Goals for Web (Free)

Goal Tracking to Make Your Goals Come True

Achieving one’s goals is one of the sweetest personal victories. However, it takes a lot of tenacity and dedication to making it happen on your own. By using these apps, you will track your goals and see if you are on course. In case you are not, you can adjust accordingly and realign to your goals.

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