90 free or discounted apps and games for Android

Anyway, we come to the last Friday of the month. The Play Store will end October with a huge variety of promotions on apps and games for Android users. Google’s operating system has reached its new version with good optimizations for the gaming public, such that they promise to increase your profit in the coming years.

Without further ado, this Friday (29), 90 apps are on sale. Of the total, 22 are temporarily free and 68 have attractive discounts on their original prices.

To celebrate Halloween, among the 65 games on sale, several promise to honor one of the most cherished commemorative dates in different cultures with elements of horror and fantasy. Featured, the praised Pascal’s Wager is available for $27.99 and takes the user into a world of fantastic RPG action.

More relaxed, the Slayaway Camp it recreates true slasher style from 80s movies in a “Minecraft” format with multiple puzzles and, with the latest update, there are more than 140 puzzles to unravel. And speaking of mystery, who murdered Dr. Breu in the mysterious Tudor Mansion? Discover in the digital version of the classic Clue.

Remember that you don’t need to shell out amounts or use a credit card or voucher to purchase the free apps. Just enter the desired title form and add it to your Google account. Thus, you will be able to guarantee the lifetime license in your login, regardless of the device you are using.