A Handful of Games Now Support Android 12’s Game Mode API

In addition to several new additions coming to Android 12, Google is also revamping the gaming experience with the new update. Known as Game Dashboard, this feature is based on the platform’s new Game Mode API. XDA now reports that the first few games with support for this API are now rolling out.

The revelation comes after XDA discovered a new option to change the performance profile on the Android game dashboard. The new options include  “Standard” for default settings accompanied by “Performance” and “Battery Saver.”

Picking the Performance option offers increased in-game frame rates. Meanwhile, the Battery Saver option reduces the frame rate to conserve the battery. Switching between these profiles midway through the game will initiate a restart so that the changes are reflected.

To check if a particular game on Android 12 supports the new performance profiles, users can open the “Game Optimization” button from the game’s app info section. If the section is blank or has a message saying the feature isn’t available for the game, it’s likely that the developers haven’t enabled support for it yet.

More games will include support for Game Mode API as Android 12 starts rolling out to Pixel phones

It’s worth mentioning that some games may only offer support for Performance or Battery Saver, but not both. Users on Android 12 beta can enable Game Dashboard by heading over to Settings – Notifications – Do Not Disturb – Schedules and tapping the cog icon next to the schedule for “Gaming.”

This will open up “Game Settings,” leading you to a toggle for the Game Dashboard shortcut. Users also have the option to make this shortcut visible in games or choose whether Do Not Disturb should be on while gaming.

Google previously said that Game Dashboard would not be offered with Android 12 Beta releases. The company also went on to say that this new dashboard will be available on “select devices.” So it’s still unclear if the feature will ever make its way to non-Pixel phones.

XDA mentions that games like Minecraft, Sniper 3D, and Temple Run 2 currently support the new Game Mode API. More games could add support as Android 12 begins rolling out to Pixel phones over the next couple of weeks.

Game Dashboard is a nifty feature that allows users to perform a wide range of tasks while gaming. It will have options to bring up game achievements from Google Play Games or starting a live stream on YouTube. It also lets you change performance profiles as we touched on above.