Android 12 Beta 3: All The Incoming Innovations

Android 12 testing process continues at full speed. Here are the new features coming with Android 12 Beta 3

The testing process for Google’s new operating system, Android 12, continues at full speed. With the release of the third beta version, the new features that the phones that will receive the Android 12 update will have were shared in detail on Google’s Android Developers blog. Let’s take a look at these innovations together.

All the innovations coming with Android 12 Beta 3

  • Settings icons are now colorless: Settings menu icons have been discolored. Icons had a colorful design in the old Android operating system. However, Google resorted to a colorless design, probably because it wanted to make it more consistent;
  • Material You’s dynamic theme is now customizable: in Beta 2, when you selected a wallpaper, an automatic theme was created for you. However, you could not choose which palette to use. Google introduced this palette picker feature at Google I/O and now Beta 3 has added this functionality to the updated Wallpaper Picker app.
  • Themed icons: There is an option to change the theme of a new icons in the wallpaper and style application. This feature reveals functionality hidden in Beta 2. However, not every Google app on devices is affected.
  • Quickly copy the last link: The ‘Device Personalization Services’ app on Pixel phones offers some features. So the app allows you to quickly copy the last link from the recent apps overview tab.
  • Disable scrolling for Google Assistant: If you swipe up from the bottom of the phone, Google Assistant is activated. If you are someone who does this a lot, Android 12 Beta 3 offers a nice feature here. You can turn this option off and on if you want.
  • Media recommendations: In Android 11, Google moved the media player from the notification panel to a dedicated area under the ‘Quick Settings’ panel. In Android 12, the media player has been improved and is more integrated than before. Android keeps showing the media player under the ‘Quick Settings’ panel when the user pauses the media playback.
  • Show trash storage: Your phone’s storage settings will now show how much space your device’s trash is taking up. Since there is no single trash directory on Android, you can now easily see which space is full and how much.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi from the internet panel: Android 12 Beta 2 has gone for simplicity by combining both Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles in one tile. When you touch the ‘Internet’ box in the ‘Quick Settings’ panel, the ‘Internet’ panel appears at the bottom of your screen. This panel allows you to change your Wi-Fi network or switch to mobile data.
  • Refreshed setup experience: If you factory reset your phone or buy a new Pixel device, the SetupWizard app welcomes you. This app walks you through connecting to the Internet, adding your Google account and setting up a few features. It also has a design that is compatible with other Material You-themed system apps on Android 12 Beta 3.
  • Game settings: At the Google for Games Developer Summit, the long-awaited game board feature for Android 12 was introduced. When this feature becomes available, important utilities such as screen recorder, screen capture shortcut, FPS meter and do not disturb feature will be easily accessible. The dashboard also includes a shortcut for YouTube live streaming, a Google Play Games widget, and a game optimization menu.