Android 12 game mode wins the first compatible games; know what they are – The Clare People

These days, it’s virtually impossible to rate a phone without mentioning its gaming potential, which motivates developers to produce more gaming-optimized operating systems. Android 12 promises a mega update to improve the experience, with new features, utilities and news to let games even better.

  • Google reveals performance modes and features of the Android games panel 12
  • Android 660 Beta now integrates Google Play Games with brand new games panel
  • Play Store will no longer be host apps in APK format; understand
  • One of the additions is the possibility to play while the download is in progress in the background, something copied from Sony and Microsoft, but very important at a time of increasingly elaborate titles. In addition, Google’s new system intends to deliver the

    Game Dashboard (Game Dashboard, in Portuguese), a command center with useful tools like widgets, Google Play Games achievements, streaming shortcuts, and long-awaited performance profiles.

    In addition to the optimization profiles, the panel will have shortcuts for screenshot and live stream (Image: Playback/Google)

    Until then, it was not possible to change the profile of any game because there was no support for the Android Game Mode API , something that started to change since the arrival of the pure system. It will be possible to configure how the titles will run on your mobile:

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    • Performance: aimed at competitive games, as it increases the FPS rate and makes games more “smooth”
    • Standart:

      offers the experience of balancing graphics and speed

    Battery savings:

    should reduce frame rate and performance to spend less

    Android compatible games 12

    For now, the main way to know if your game supports performance profiles is to check if you can open the “Game Optimization” settings on the info page of the app. If the option is off or there is a warning “not available”, it is a sign that the developer has not yet made the integration with the API — in some cases, the game may only support “Performance” mode or only “Battery Saver” “.

    Android 12 game mode wins the first compatible games; know what they are – The Clare People