Android 12L’s HDR+ Ported to Other Android Devices – Bestgamingpro

We first discovered evidence that Google would release an incremental update after Android 12 in the AOSP Gerrit a month before Google officially announced Android 12. Soon afterwards, we got our first look at this interim upgrade, and it was revealed to include a few new features designed for foldable devices.

Google has introduced Android 12L at the Android Dev Summit, a feature upgrade for Android 12 designed for large-screen devices. As we previously reported, Android 12L will include new APIs, tools, and advice to help developers optimize their apps for wide-screen devices such as foldables, tablets, and Chromebooks.

In Android 12L, Google has improved multitasking. The new taskbar on big displays, as seen in the GIF below, allows users to quickly switch to their favorite apps, much like they would on a desktop. The new taskbar also makes it simple for users to view two applications side by side.

Furthermore, Google has enhanced compatibility mode and made other improvements to Android 12L’s visual and stability. These enhancements provide a better letterboxing experience as well as help applications appear better by default on big displays.

Android 12L may well include a few more changes than what Google announced today.

In time for next-generation Android 12 tablets and foldables, Google plans to debut the Android 12L feature drop in early 2019. The company is already in talks with device manufacturers to bring these new features to big-screen gadgets.

The Android 12L Developer Preview is available only to OEMs. Download the Android 12L Emulator system images and tools from the most recent preview release of Android Studio to try it out. Check out the preview overview for a rundown on what’s new and when it’ll be available, as well as a timeline of when it will become stable.

The Google blog post also outlined that Android 12L is ‘for phones, too,’ however the company will keep the focus on tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices for now since most of the new features won’t be visible on smaller displays.