Android and iOS app used by millions is shutting down next month

They said the decision to shut the app wasn’t taken “lightly”, and the makers will be moving on to work on other “meaningful” ways to connect across the Epic Games “family”.

The Houseparty team said: “Tens of millions of people around the world have used Houseparty to connect with their friends and family since the app launched in 2016. Today, we’re sharing that we’ve made the decision to discontinue Houseparty in October.

“We do not take the decision to discontinue the app lightly. We created Houseparty to let people feel like they’re together even when physically apart, and we can’t thank you enough for turning to Houseparty for the important moments in your life. From birthday parties to proposals, marriages, family game nights and more, you did it all on Houseparty. And, in a year when we couldn’t be physically together, we’re even more honoured that you turned to Houseparty to laugh, play games, and create memories while apart.”