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Mobile gaming is one of the world’s youngest creative industries. It is arguably the most pervasive form of gaming across the world today, permeating more corners than any PC, console or handheld has ever reached before. With the development of advanced mobile technologies, android mobile games have seen a considerable upgrade in terms of entertaining gamers. In fact, the mobile game industry has tried to promote a sense of presence for successful user enjoyment.

Android Mobile game-based learning (mGBL) use gameplay to strengthen the motivation to learn, engage in the acquisition of knowledge and to improve the effectiveness of learning content transfer and should mix between education and purpose entertainment to make mGBL successful.

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The Android gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially in India. Within the past few years, mobile games have become the entertainment of choice for people from all walks of life and across all demographics, as well as the option to have a career within the gaming industry.

The current mobile gaming market is filled with the so- called casual games. The Android games are well suited for devices with limited resources and for people who play games at a normalized rate of playtime. This Android game development scenario suffers from a considerable platform fragmentation problem ,which is a real burden for the popularity of Android mobile applications and of mobile gaming in particular.


The Global android games market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis.

By Integration Type
• Android Mobile Device
• Android Tablet / Tab
• Android based console – Laptop
• Android Based Console – PC
• Inter OS Operability Console

By Genres / Gameplay Type
• Arcade Android Games
• Action Android Games
• Puzzle based Android Games
• Adventure Based Android Games
• Racing Android Games
• Miniaturized Android Games

By Usage Scenario
• Direct Gameplay
• Competitive Gameplay
• Casual Gameplay
• Commercial Revenue Gameplay
• Learning based Gameplay

By Regional Classification
• Asia Pacific Region – APAC
• Middle East and Gulf Region
• Africa Region
• North America Region
• Europe Region
• Latin America and Caribbean Region


Currently, mobile devices are more and more similar to hand-held computers, with increasing processing power, considerable storage space and interesting multimedia features. However, to transform a mobile device into a mobile gaming console, graphics features and networking technologies need to be improved.

In the near future and the present pace of technological availability, free-of-charge networking technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be available also in entry-level mobile devices, causing the network latencies to decrease. In such a scenario, gaming applications on android are being made in such a manner so as to have a path wherein, they automatically choose the most appropriate communication technology in a transparent way from the user point of view.


In the Android gaming world, it has been important to have a continued and technological approach so as to enhance the user relevancy and user interface towards the gaming requirements. This has been the major aim of various companies involved in development of android gaming platforms for various devices.


EA Mobile – Sports and Other genres
Tencent Games
Sony Games
Supercell Games
Miniclip Games
Rovio Entertainment
Activision Inc
Microsoft Games
Nintendo Games
Google Inc.

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