Android Gaming Headlines: Genshin Impact, Hatoful Boyfriend, PUBG: New State, and More

Tis the season of closed betas. Both PUBG: New State and Punishing: Gray Raven – two of the hottest prospects in 2021 – are currently or imminently getting the closed beta treatment, which means we’ll be playing them before too long.

Genshin Impact is about to get its next big content update, meanwhile, and Sony is eyeing the mobile market with avarice, meaning you could one day be playing a bland Ratchet and Clank endless runner. Or something better.

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It seems like only yesterday that Genshin Impact was just 1.2, and now we’re looking down the barrel of its 1.6th birthday. The latest update, subtitled Midsummer Island Adventure, brings a whole new character in the form of Inazuma, plus alternative character outfits. It’s coming on June the 9th.

Punishing: Gray Raven is absolutely dominating the headlines lately. Not a week goes by without another story about the impending global launch of this graphically splendiferous RPG, which is already available in China and Japan. The latest news morsel is that Punishing: Gray Raven is currently in closed beta – but only for a week.

Following last month’s job-ad related leak, Sony has confirmed in an investor meeting that it’s heading for the glistening, gold-heaped shores of mobile with its iconic IPs. As to what those IPs might be, it’s a straight up guessing game. Our money is on Ratchet and Clank. Of course, there are already mobile games based on Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet.

Android Gaming Headlines: Genshin Impact, Hatoful Boyfriend, PUBG: New State, and More

Old School RuneScape, the popular cross-platform MMORPG, has just got clan support. That means you can team up with up to 499 friends and like-minded individuals, hang out at the Clan Hub, hide in the Clan Halls, and more. If you click on the headline above you’ll be able to watch a recording of a livestream explaining how it all works.

Android Gaming Headlines: Genshin Impact, Hatoful Boyfriend, PUBG: New State, and More

A few weeks ago we wrote about First Strike: Classic, a newly updated and optimised version of First Strike for a new, more demanding generation. This has nothing to do with that. The original, non-classic version of First Strike has got a new feature called Daily Conflicts. Plus, it’s free-to-play, so it won’t cost you anything to check it out.

Hatoful Boyfriend, the highly amusing dating sim about birds, is on the way out. Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to play it if you already own it, and it’s not disappearing on all platforms. It might even come back. The reason it’s going is that developer Hato Moa’s publishing deal with Devolver Digital is coming to an end. That’s it. That’s the story.

PUBG: New State is getting a closed alpha soon, and applications are open for it right now. They close on June the 6th, and the closed alpha – which is US-only – will run from the 11th until the 13th. The game itself is set to launch in autumn, and will see you shooting people several decades in the future.