Apps from Amazon and WhatsApp hit 500 million installs on the Play Store

Amazon is kind of a big deal: while building a gigantic retail sales empire, it managed to compete with Google on multiple fronts (Android devices, cloud services, online advertising). But that retail empire thing is still the company’s bread and butter, which is why the official Amazon shopping app is its first to pass 500 million downloads on the Play Store.

The official Amazon Shopping app is one of the only retail apps to make its way to the 500 million download club. The only one that beat it there is Wish, which has the advantage of offering items from a lot of different retailers. Amazon has been consistently updating the app (the last one was just a few weeks ago) to keep pace with the primary Amazon web experience and incorporate its ever-expanding list of services.

Also joining the 500 million download club this week is the WhatsApp Business chat client, which is like regular WhatsApp, but for business. It’s designed for small businesses to use it as a portal for contacting and replying to customers. (This app was the center of those contentious privacy policy changes from earlier this year.) 500 million is pretty impressive for a secondary app like that, but it pales in comparison to the more general chat app, which currently has somewhere between five and ten billion downloads.

Amazon Shopping - Search, Find, Ship, and Save
WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business