Avaza Chat is a New Task-Focused Business Chat App for More Productive Teams

Avaza Chat is designed to help distributed teams collaborate faster and more effectively than they can with traditional enterprise chat apps. It uniquely combines Project Management with Team Chat.

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Avaza — a Gartner best-rated category leader — announced the launch of its team chat and collaboration tool: Avaza Chat.

For the first time, task discussions are part of each team’s unified chat inbox — which makes Avaza a truly unified project management and collaboration platform.

Avaza Chat features a lightweight design that’s inspired by modern social media apps.

Now, remote workers can have more productive conversations than ever before. And the timing couldn’t be more important.

Remote work tools have exploded in popularity as businesses and employees around the globe have been forced to adapt to the COVID landscape.

Many new remote workers have discovered that there are exciting benefits to working from home, including improved flexibility and reduced business costs.

However, it’s become clear that employees often feel frustrated with traditional enterprise chat apps, which typically feature an unintuitive design and complex threads — so they often switch to simple social apps, like WhatsApp.

Avaza Chat packs all the features that small and medium-sized businesses need to enable company-wide collaboration into one familiar, friendly, and intuitive chat app.

  • Unified inbox for team and task discussions — an all-in-one project management platform that lists conversations for each task and team in one unified inbox.

  • Simple, flexible conversations — private and group chats that live in separate tabs and get ordered by their last update — just like most social apps.

  • Clean, simple quotes — Avaza Chat replaces messy chat threads with WhatsApp-style comment quotes to keep conversations flowing.

  • Files and text formatting — full support for images, videos, documents, and user mentions enable employees to collaborate as a team, or while tackling any task.

  • In-chat task management — a chat message can mention a task, or even turn into a task, and teams can access project resources inside Avaza Chat (coming soon).

  • Confidential chats — private channels keep sensitive topics like company financials, strategy, and human resources hidden from non-members.

  • Total device flexibility — Avaza Chat works on almost any smartphone, tablet or computer, with iOS and Android apps — and no device or phone number restrictions.

Avaza gives teams one platform for any conversation so they can drive projects forward faster, streamline their communication stack, and draw a clear line between business and social media.

Tim Kremer, co-founder of Avaza, explained, “We see new opportunities to improve on the current generation of team chat software. Avaza Chat breaks ground by offering seamless collaboration between teams and external contacts and enhancing productivity with ‘task discussions.’ We believe that task discussions will become the new standard for work chat platforms.”

About Avaza
Avaza, founded in 2014, is a unified business platform that enables users to collaborate on projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses and invoice customers. Avaza has 50,000+ customers in 150+ countries.

Avaza was recognised as the best-rated product of 2020 by Gartner’s GetApp.com team in six categories.

Avaza Chat integrates seamlessly into Avaza, so any conversation about work will be linked to the relevant project and task and can be found again in the future whenever it’s needed.

Anyone can create a free Avaza account today and start using Avaza Chat and the unified Avaza work management suite in their organization.

Press Contact: press@avaza.com

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Avaza Chat, a new task-focused business chat app
A team chat app, unified with a powerful suite of business functionality, such as Project Management


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