Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a restaurant management game that has just soft-launched in select countries on Android

Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a casual restaurant management game that has just been soft-launched in Australia and Canada on Android. It sees you completing timed levels where the aim is to satisfy your customers and set out on a quest to become the most famous tavern in the land.

About Barbarous: Tavern Wars

Barbarous: Tavern Wars is a sequel to Barbarous: Tavern of Emyr and is expected to have a similar gameplay experience. The gameplay involves taking note of orders from different mystical customers and serving them. You need to combine multiple ingredients using a tap mechanic to create dishes and drinks the customers have ordered, serving them in time to get good feedback. You also need to keep in mind other areas similar games tend to ignore, like hygiene. So, keep the tavern and tables clean to earn bonuses.

The story follows Emyr and the barbarous party. Emyr’s former rival McArthus makes him an offer he can’t refuse, which soon leads to a chaotic situation in the merciless world of the tavern business. There are also many side quests to explore and enjoy, like Gwen’s dilemma of choosing between her responsibilities and her dreams. Keep levelling up to discover more stories.

You can customise the difficulty with three levels available for you to choose from. Your customers may range from everyday creatures looking for a quick meal to well-known food critics spread across 60 levels.

Pay to play?

You can try the first few levels for free and then choose to unlock the full game through either a one time purchase or a subscription plan, which covers all the Gamehouse original titles. So as long as you’re a member, you have unlimited access to every game in their library.

Barbarous: Tavern Wars soft-launched in Australia and Canada on Android

Players residing in Australia and Canada can now access Barbarous: Tavern Wars through Google Play. While an international release date hasn’t been set, based on its success, official announcements are likely to come out in the near future. You can always visit the official page to keep yourself updated.

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