Battlefield Mobile gameplays and download link for Android are now available here

It is no secret to anyone that Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite, also along with Free Fire, are the 3 kings of the battle royale genre on smartphones. Nevertheless, Electronic Arts has been cooking the mobile version of the mythical Battlefield for a long time, and everything indicates that this will give war to the other multiplayer shooting games.

This being the case, the company already has released the Alpha version and some players have been able to test part of what will be seen when the title is officially presented. Here we have the gameplays and even the link for you to pre-register for the game.

One of the first Battlefield Mobile gameplays

The video in question has been published days ago and little by little it has been released in the middle. In this gameplay, we observe MAll conquest of the area where the character is in the first person and starts in the place selected by the player (as in the console version). At the beginning of the game, we have the typical movement controls, the map, team players and those who are being eliminated.

In the same way that we see the Battlefield for consoles, here we also have motorcycles and tanks available to protect a point in combat, and we have at our disposal the primary rifle, the self defense pistol, the knife and a couple of grenades to get the 5 points to conquer.

Neither in the previous gameplay, nor in the one you will see below, we can see more game modes or available maps, although it is logical that these will be known in the final version of the game. Nor can we miss the aesthetics of the graphics, since they do not have the best quality, neither at the level of weapons or gameplay options, nor in the part of structures and vehicles (we hope there is a notable improvement in the beta version). Nevertheless, EA has emphasized offering different resolution capabilities depending on the characteristics of the mobile in which it is downloaded, so you are likely to see improvements.

Below you will see the link of the Google store so that you can pre-register and thus receive the notification to test this delivery in its initial phases.

Battlefield mobile: Alpha version link from Google Play

The Battle Royale mode, still not appearing

At this point, we must remember that Battlefield has always been recognized for those story modes and multiplayer mode, the latter of which has given it the most recognition. Maybe, to continue with the continuity line, the company has focused solely on bringing multiplayer gameplay to mobile, leaving behind the Battle royale mode, which to this day, is positioned as one of the most played in shooting titles.

If this turns out to be the case, the truth is that it would be very difficult for Battlefield Mobile to scale with the main competitors. Do not try to hide the sun with a finger to avoid realizing that the graphics are not what you want (hopefully in the beta version and the later version you can adjust the resolution with a better quality) and that having fewer game options can affect that this title is as famous as the others … we will see what happens at its launch.