Battlefield Mobile ready to play: so you can download the alpha on your Android

Electronic Arts assured that its mobile version of Battlefield would begin its trial period in the fall. Well, the developers kept their word: Battlefield Mobile boots its servers to open the door to online multiplayer games on mobile. To play it you only need to install the alpha version on your Android.

The shhoter fever on mobiles has not only favored the proliferation of new titles with this shooting mechanic, it also made true classics of the genre decided on a mobile version inspired by the success of PUBG or Fortnite. Battlefield was one of the sagas that had a mobile game awaiting publication, a game that can now be tested on Android.

Battlefield Mobile now in alpha: download the APK and you’ll be in

Typically in pre-launch testing is for developers to open initial versions to a specific country. This is what is known as “soft launch”: only those who have a specific Play Store, and access the game with an IP from the corresponding country, they can play. It is not the case of the game at hand.

EA anticipated the alpha version in the fall and confirmed that its testing period would cover a few territories (Indonesia and the Philippines). Even so, the company has not blocked access to its servers to certain IP’s, so it is very easy to access Battlefield Mobile: just download the APK and install it. The game will prompt you to complete the data with another download (approximately 500 MB) and it will let you play without any problems.

Battlefield Mobile offers gruesome first-person combat through highly detailed (and recognizable) settings ranging from buildings to vehicles. The mechanics are the usual: empty the magazine on the enemies before they do the same to us. To do this, the game puts at our disposal a multitude of weapons, protection and heavy weapons. Destroy opponents with a tank? It’s possible.

Battlefield mobile

We have successfully tested Battlefield Mobile on our Android (a ZTE Axon 30) without noticing graphical problems, lags or frame drops. The settings are detailed, the animation is fluid and the sound effects accompany the action perfectly. Yes we have perceived some lack of resolution in some textures, but nothing troublesome.

Battlefield mobile

As we said, to test Battlefield Mobile right now, all you have to do is download the APK of the game for Android: it’s available at UpToDown. Once installed it is possible to log in with Google, with an EA account or enter the game without a session. The pairings are being fast, at least for now. And you have to take one aspect into account: EA will clear all test logs before releasing the final Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield ™ Mobile

Battlefield ™ Mobile

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action