Beats Studio Buds review: big sound and impressive features at a much smaller price

Beats Studio Buds review (Image: BEATS)

The new Beats Studio Buds sound like the ultimate wireless earbuds. Despite being made by Apple’s company, they work just as well on Android as iPhone, they feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology and can be plugged into your ears for a price that’s £20 cheaper than the standard AirPods from Apple or £100 less than you’d pay for the AirPods Pro. That makes the Studio Buds a seriously attractive option, but are they really as good as they sound? has expanded our favorite playlist over the past few weeks and there’s no doubt that the Beats Buds are good. In fact, they are really, really good.

Let’s start with the all-important setup processes, as everyone now gets the same simple one-touch pairing no matter what phone they have. Just pop open the lid, hold the Buds near your device and a pop-up window will appear on the screen with one tap to get everything plugged in. This means you don’t have to dig into the Bluetooth settings to get the music going.

Beats users have had this easy setup on iPhone for a while now, but it’s the first time Android fans have also been given a quick way to get their tunes played. So you’re up and running in seconds, but how do the Beats Studio Buds sound?

Despite the low price, we have absolutely no complaints. Audio sounds rich, clear and there’s plenty of bass without being overdone.

Noise is pumped into your ears thanks to an 8.2mm dual-element diaphragm driver and Beats has used its usual magic to ensure that the overall experience is enjoyable, whatever your musical taste.

Beats Studio Buds offer ANC for under £130 (Image: BEATS)

To boost things further, the Studio Buds feature ANC, which is no small feat considering the price of £129 – by comparison, the AirPods Pro with ANC cost almost double.

This noise cancellation is pretty solid and, while not market-leading, does a good enough job of minimizing the noise of screaming kids at the local coffee shop.

What also helps is the fit, as the Beats Studio Buds come with a number of interchangeable rubber tips, catering for all ear sizes.

Once we found the ideal tips, the fit was so tight that much of the background noise was blocked out even before we applied the ANC.

Beats Studio Buds review

Beats Studio Buds offer a total of 24 hours of music playback (Image: BEATS)

If at any point you want to disable the sound blocking technology, you can toggle things on or off with a quick tap on the side of the buttons.

There’s also a transparency mode that lets all the background noise enter your ears and should help prevent your train from being rung.

Of course, like all wireless buds, you get a neat pocket-sized charging case that gives the battery a boost when things run out. You get about 8 hours of playback before they need to be topped up with the case offering a total of 24 hours of battery life.

There is also a nice Fast Fuel charging option with a quick 5 minutes in the case that provides an hour of music playback. If you happen to lose them, don’t panic, as Beats Studio Buds is the first Beats product to support both Find My on iOS and Find My Device on Android.

Finally, the design should mean they will survive the British weather and your trips to the gym with an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Beats Studio Buds review

The Beats Studio Buds offer a comfortable fit and are water resistant (Image: BEATS)

So that’s all good, but are there any niggles? Unfortunately, the Beats Studio Buds are not perfect.

For starters, the controls on the buttons are quite limited and there’s no way to adjust the volume without reaching for your phone. When adjusting the fit, the touch controls also have the very annoying habit of pausing the music when you don’t want it to stop.

These wireless music makers also lack Apple’s smart H1 chip, so that means you can’t seamlessly switch between your Mac and iPhone without going to the Bluetooth menu.

The charging case cannot be topped up unless you have a USB-C cable handy with the Buds that don’t have an Apple-style Lightning connector or wirelessly top up. Finally, we found that the call quality was very impressed and that one of our contacts was not impressed when we tried to chat through the Buds.

Beats Studio Buds review

Beats Studio Buds review (Image: BEATS)


FOR – Price offers serious value • Good sound • Easy connection with Android and iPhone • ANC is included
AGAINST – No seamless switching on of Apple gadgets • Touch controls could be improved • Charging case needs a wire to refill

If you’re looking for a solid pair of wireless buds that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with the Beats Studio Buds.

These mini music makers offer great sound, easy setup and despite being owned by Apple, Beats has made them as easy to use on Android as the iPhone.

The fact that they get ANC is a huge bonus and the great fit means your music won’t be ruined by background noise.

There are a few niggles, including fairly basic touch controls and, unlike most Apple devices, they don’t get the H1 chip, meaning you can’t quickly switch between a FaceTime call on your Mac and some music on the phone. iPhone.

That said, these are really excellent earbuds that are packed with features at a price that’s a lot lower than AirPods. We love that!