Beats Studio Buds review: Perfect for your summer bangers playlist

It’s been a long time since Beats’ cultural heyday when its wares were being repped by everyone from LeBron James to Lil Wayne and Katie Holmes. Nevertheless, the mid-2000s headphones brand of choice for any self-respecting millennial has endured for longer than the careers of some of the talent it first associated itself with. Part of that stamina is down to having the backing of Apple as its $2.4 trillion parent company, but it’s also worth noting that most Beats headphones of late have been legitimately good. Be they the uber-sporty Powerbeats Pro (£125) or affordable over-ears à la the Studio3 headphones (£169).

The elephant in the room? Until the new Beats Studio Buds launched, most of their brethren existed to flesh out the gaps in Apple’s audio line-up and avoid any conflict with its mega-selling AirPods. That state of play has changed abruptly with a straight-up pair of rivals to those iconic white buds that actually turn out to be a better all-round buy whether you own an iPhone or not.

A good deal for everyone

There’s no particular sourcery to the Beats, these in-ears just do the basics well for a very compelling asking price. From noise-cancelling skills to a sleek design profile and near-instant connectivity with your smartphone of choice, the Studio Buds are defined by largely being very easy to get on with. Even the old Apple-centric lightning connector at the bottom of their pocket-friendly case has been swapped out for the more prolific USB-C alternative – one that’s compatible with most Android phones, from Samsung, Google and the like, as well as almost every laptop charger going.