Best Android Games In 2021

Google Play Store contains more than 3 million different apps! With such a huge number, many players may find have difficulty in find games that suit their taste. In addition, the store is full of paid ads that promote sub-standard games. Absolutely, you do not want to download any of these apps but aspire to access games that fit your preferences directly. To make it easier for you, in this article, we will recommend the best games in the Google Play Store.

Most of these games are completely free, but some of them may cost you only a few dollars. While the third type is online casino apps that require you to place real money bets to get real profits! If you want to know more info about these apps click here. In addition, many of the games mentioned in this article offer the multiplayer mode that you can use to play with your friends. Also, you can play in solo mode against the game’s algorithms.

There are a lot of games available in the Google Play Store including horror, puzzles, strategy, shooting, RPGs, and racing. In addition, Google Play recently allowed casino apps that include real payments and bets, if you’re interested in these apps you can learn more from the previous link.


The main reason we put Pureya at the top of this list is that it is suitable for all kinds of players! This game contains 30 exciting mini-games that switch every 10 seconds. In other words, every 10 seconds you will play a new game with completely different gameplay. So, you will never face a dull moment in Pureya!

You can enjoy this game for free, but you must be connected to the Internet and watch some ads. If you want to enjoy the game offline and without ads, you can switch to the paid version for $4 only.
The mini-games available in Pureya cover almost every idea and topic. For example, you will find sports games, shooting games, mind games, and more!

That is, each mini-game will challenge you uniquely and differently. In addition, players will not have difficulty in customizing this game as it has only two controls and you can play it in both landscape and portrait mode as desired.


Evoland includes a nostalgic and fascinating journey to follow the evolution of video games and learn how they reached their current form.

This game is similar to the legendary Mario game in that it is a 2D adventure but some rounds are 3D. This game was originally launched for PCs but since gamers prefer to use their smartphones, the company, Shiro Games, introduced the Android version. Evoland has great graphics inspired by old games, with modern challenges and high-quality gameplay.

You can enjoy the free version of this game but it has many non-skippable ads. However, if you want to get rid of them, you can enjoy the paid version for $8 only.

Baba Is You!

Even though Baba Is You! is a puzzle game, it’s unlike any game you’ve tried before! In this game, you have to escape the mazes, but it is not as easy as you think, since every labyrinth is different and has one exit way only.

Meaning that you will not be able to smash or roll the rocks as in other games. Besides being an exciting mental exercise, this game has simple graphics and easy-to-customize gameplay. Although you will get stuck in some mazes, you will never get bored of the game.

Journey and Flower

This game is based on a wonderful story, as there is a kingdom that is collapsing, but a group of angels are sent to save it and you will be one of them. Your main goal here is to restore hope to the kingdom and return it to its previous era.

The Kingdom of Heaven includes 7 worlds that you can explore. Before the start of the game, you can choose your favorite character and get in touch with other players to create the plan, cooperate with them to discover the dark worlds, and liberate the kingdom. Although the game offers a single-player mode, playing in a team is much more exciting.

Grid Autosport

Do you like racing games? If your answer is “yes” then you should try out Grid Autosport. This game does not contain any ads, it has high-quality graphics and advanced sound effects. However, the only drawback in Grid Autosport is that it requires 4 GB free storage to run without slowness!

Grid Autosport has more than 100 tracks to race on and more than 200 cars to choose from as well. All racing elements available in the game are customizable. The price of the paid version of this game is $10, which is much more expensive than other mentioned games in this list, with this price you will not get rid of ads only, but also you will access all cars and racetracks easily.


Exactly as you can guess from the name, Inked is an ink-drawn puzzle where the player takes on the role of a nameless samurai hero who travels the world with his life partner.

The world that you travel and live in is created by an unknown painter. Sometimes he gives you all that you dreamt about in a blink, and some other times ruins everything you owned in a blink! Thus, whenever you lose anything, you have to get it back by redrawing the world around you to recover what you lost. As for the subscription price for this game, it is only $4.


Letterpress is a crossword puzzle game that has a very simple interface and gameplay. All you have to do is using the available letters to predict all the available words; The more words you select, the more points you will get!

To add more excitement, the game offers a multiplayer mode. Also, you can compete against the game’s roots in the solo mode. At the end of each round, a window will appear containing all the available words and you can click on any strange word to learn its definition.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the interface of this game is very simple and yet quite fun for the mind. Although this game contains ads, it does not interfere with the gameplay to a great extent and you can skip them almost every time.