Best Free Life Simulation Games for Android, iOS

A life simulator game is a special kind of game in which the gamers have control over a character’s life and all its in-game actions. Not many good life simulation games are available for android or iOS devices. For years, titles like “The Sims” and a few other title series have dominated Windows PC and Mac. But there hasn’t been much for the mobile simulation games lovers that offer the same addictive and fun gameplay. However, in recent years, a few really great life simulation games have been developed for Android and iOS devices. The following is a list of the most popular free life simulation games for iOS and Android devices.

Top 10 Free Life Simulator Games for Android and iOS Devices

The Sims

The Sims is a title for one of the most popular and widely played life simulator games worldwide. It is a part of EA’s famous life simulator series. In the game, players can characterize, interact with different virtual people, perform various tasks, furnish a home and personal accessories, and thus live a life.

There are currently two particular games in the franchise named ‘The Sims Mobile’ and ‘The Sims: Free Play’. The Sims Free Play shares many similarities to the main series. The Sims: Mobile is the most recent version. 

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Both games have advantages and disadvantages. The Sims Free Play is more difficult. It has difficult quests that are difficult to complete due to the highly competitive time chase. The Sims: Mobile, on the contrary, offers a combative free-to-play yet pay-to-win experience.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This isn’t a typical “life sim” game; rather, it is perfectly worth the list. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp allows players to create a gaming character, refurbish a campsite, interact with some original Animal Crossing characters, and make friendship with other “neighbours.”.

Gamers can also decorate a campsite, cabin, and RV interior. So, they will get many options and elements for furnishing and decorating. The game also places a strong emphasis on making actions and features like crafting, clothing, acting and mini-games such as fishing and roaming around.

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AltLife is another game that best exemplifies its life sim genre. This game lets everyone live the life of a regular man. Their life begins as a baby and progresses through childhood, adolescence, work, and, eventually, death. They can choose from a variety of real-life events, such as relationships, careers, hobbies, and a variety of other things going on around them.

There are also a few remarkable caveats in the game. The first, and the most vexing, is the game’s UI elements, which occasionally make it clunky.


BitLife is more like a text-based game in which players can choose their own paths. In other words, how they want to live is determined by the options they choose provided in the game. Players can choose whether they want to marry or remain single, want struggle or comfort. What is more? The gamers have to decide whether they want to attend colleges or schools. They will have complete control over their character’s appearance and life in this game.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This Life Simulation game is almost similar to some of the celeb games. It is based on the popular Harry Potter franchise. Gamers get to design their own characters, get assigned to a Hogwarts house, attend lessons, study spells, fight against competing wizards.

Furthermore, the gamers can mingle and interact with iconic characters such as Dumbledore, Snaip, Professor McGonagall, etc. This game follows a fresh mystery narrative based on the Harry Potter world.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Hollywood’s Kim Kardashian is a big favourite in this category. The game was initially made available in June of 2014. In the game, players will live the life of a growing superstar like in real life. They may create their own avatar, travel around the world, build their own house, establish a list of celebrities to meet, go on dates, visit clubs and parties, and do acting and modelling. They may do whatever superstars do in their everyday lives and steadily increase their popularity and wealth.

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Virtual Families 2

Instead of controlling the lives of a single individual, players may manage the life of a whole family in this game. For the family members, the gamer may select partners, rear children, adopt pets, design houses, find jobs, and much more. 

This game is like a mini-version of The Sims, and players will undoubtedly spend hours playing it. The game also continues in real-time, so when they return to it, they will discover various random events that have occurred to their virtual family, keeping the gameplay new and exciting.

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Fallout Shelter

This is a post-apocalyptic video game franchise named Fallout Shelter. Players are in command of a fallout shelter hidden under the earth. They manage resources, construct specialized rooms, and ensure that people’s fundamental needs are met. 

By making every citizen’s stats unique and adjustable, the game goes into RPG territory. If players need more of a certain resource, they can create specialized chambers to boost the skills of particular characters. The game is available on Apple and Android stores.

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Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. is a popular life-sim on this list of the best life simulation games. Many players who like playing such games choose this one over others since the gameplay of Rebel Inc is interesting to follow. The player is required to stabilize a nation by balancing both civilian and military interests. It also necessitates that the player does everything they can to win the gratitude of the people while preventing them from taking power.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game in which gamers take control of a figure who looks after a medieval cemetery. While clearing the ground, excavating graves, and installing headstones, they have control over the character’s time at hand and energy. To accomplish chores, they may also create items, collect resources, and engage with people of the surrounding hamlet.

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So far, we have discussed the best 10 life-simulation games for ios and Android phones. When it comes to life simulation games, gameplay, and narrated story makes the real difference. As the genre falls under the real-world game class, it takes time to grow as a character in these games. So, players should choose their games carefully before signing up for one.