Best Hunting Games for Android, iOS

RPG games commonly have people think on their feet to overcome any narrative obstacles, and a subset to that lies in the art of hunting. This skill requires an alert mind and requires someone who is a master of details. While it is true that hunting has become a topic that dwells on a grey area, many hunting games will either have you conquer fictional beasts or be in ranges that are specifically meant for hunting.  If you think solving clues and fighting beasts (or catching prey) is the right kind of adventure for you, here are some of the best hunting games for Android/IOS

Top Hunting Games for Android, iOS Downloads

Big Hunter

To start off the list, Big Hunter isn’t a typical RPG-style game, and roaming isn’t on the tables. What it lacks in exploration and pursuit, it masters in actual combat. Players will have a side profile experience where the main character will have an arsenal of prehistoric weapons to take down a variety of mythical and real creatures.

The gameplay can be loosely compared to Angry Birds, where having a good sense of trajectory and overall geometry will help you land your hits at the intended area of the predator. The creatures you fight will advance to you and will have a chance to wipe you out if you take too long planning for the perfect hit. The game is based on a leveling system and is an absolute treat if players want to dive straight into the action. Big Hunter is Free to Play and perfect for casual players. 

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Deer Hunter 2018

To be honest, Deer Hunter’s name is rather misleading and hunting deer makes up for a small fraction of what this game truly represents. If hunting innocent deer tends to be a line you can’t cross, this title has so much more packed within. Options you can choose include; tracking with canine companions, literal fishing, and deep-sea hunting (where you’ll mainly defeat sharks and other deep-sea predators).

Deer Hunter 2018 will have you experience everything in the first person and does surprisingly well in terms of graphics on the mobile platform. If you’re up for the challenge, grizzly bears are also animals to hunt and they are one of the most hostile creatures in the game, so watch out! The game is free to play.

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Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 

Hunting isn’t all about exploration and tracking your prey; mechanical skills are still important and Best Sniper brings out the best in your mechanical skills. Players itching to demonstrate their FPS prowess in another genre will find comfort in this title. Interestingly, the deed of sniping is fused with underwater terrain which makes for an odd, yet enjoyable combination that sounds like it shouldn’t have worked – but it does. Players will need to have a full understanding of their weapon, along with a good eye for ammo economy and obviously, aim. Best Sniper is free to play.

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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

This title is one of the best-rated hunting games in the Google app store and it’s not that hard to see why. Dino Hunter does wonderfully when it comes to helping players escape into a foreign world. As dinosaurs have become creatures of fiction in modern depiction, the arsonal hunters will get aren’t grounded in reality either.

Your weapons will be ripped straight out of a sci-fi novel; boasting the likes of laser cannons and plasma rocket launchers. Players will learn a good amount of habits from the dinosaurs in-game as well and will better differentiate the hostile ones vs the ones that shouldn’t be hunted. The game is free to play. 

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Wild Hunt: Sports Hunting Games

Lovers of precision and technicality will feel right at home with Wild Hunt: Sports Hunting Game. What differentiates the hunting experience from others in the same game is the ability to target specific organs – determining the impact of every shot you make. This is done by the animal being portrayed translucently and its various organs highlighted in red for you to see.

While this makes it easier to know where exactly to shoot, being able to land the shot is another matter entirely. Players can choose their preferred terrain, varying from woods, mountains, forests, and safaris. These lands also depend on the content of your choosing; being able to choose between Australia, America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. This game is free to play. 

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Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a survival game that possesses elements of hunting, but offers way more to the player. This title is perfect to pick up and play if you are not keen to commit completely to the genre. The graphics 2d illustrations resemble children’s books, but more towards the gothic side. Players are stranded and will have to do whatever it takes to survive.

With any survival game ever made, you’ll have to make use of every item in your inventory, depending on the situation. Your character will have to farm for natural resources and for once, serve as prey and avoid being hunted by mutated oddities lurking about. Don’t Starve originally came from the PC platform, therefore costing USD$7.The game has a dark vibe to it and is best for those who enjoy the macabre. 

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