Best narrative-driven games on Android with GeForce NOW

Playing games on the go is the biggest bonus of cloud gaming platforms like NVIDIA GeForce NOW but not all games need to be action-packed triple-A titles — narrative-driven games are a prime example.

Taking the mantle from point-and-click games of the 80s and 90s, advanced narrative-driven games like Firewatch, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and the immensely popular Life is Strange series offer action-packed gameplay but with a major focus on the story, world-building and interaction with in-game characters. It changes from game-to-game but gameplay is often secondary to storyline.

Gameplay can often be very different than you’re likely used to, as navigation and interaction are simplified with action using quick-time events or quick button presses rather than everything taking place in realtime — in most games of the genre. For passive gameplay this is great but what this does in reality is create something more akin to an interactive movie with meaningful in-game choices somtimes affecting the narrative and potential endings you can see when playing through specific titles.

Cloud gaming means that you’re not tethered to your home PC, gaming laptop or even console. Making narrative-driven games like Life is Strange ideal for mobile play. The episodic or exploration gameplay style is ideal for playing a little bit and experiencing games like a TV show when on the go. If you lose track of what’s going on, just like a TV show some games in the genre even include a recap or catch-up.

One of the most anticipated sequels of the genre in the form of Life is Strange True Colors, is coming to GeForce NOW very soon. With several Life is Strange games including the original, Life is Strange 2 and Life is Strange – Before The Storm are already fully playable on your Android device with GeForce NOW.

In our opinion, there simply couldn’t be a better game genre to fit around an active existence or playthrough in one extended session. Life is Strange tackles subjects often not seen in videogames making the series a unique experience in gaming. But here are a few other games you should try if you haven’t tried any narrative-driven videogames before.