Best New Mobile Games of August 2021 for iOS and Android

The latest batch of mobile apps includes a new NieR game, puzzle classic Baba Is You, and a welcome update for Mini Motorways.

iOS, Apple Arcade (Dinosaur Polo Club)

Although connecting a controller to your phone is a perfectly viable way of enjoying action games, without that input assistance mobile is far better suited to puzzles than games of dexterity and reflex. This month’s bumper crop of puzzlers includes a port of the sublime Baba Is You, an extension of the entrancing Mini Motorways, and IAM414C’s alluring mix of maths and emotion.

Mini Motorways

The latter sit alongside existing traffic lights as add-ons that don’t seem to do much good, but the two new cities are great; Dubai starts very slowly before popping up new buildings and residences at an alarming rate, while Mexico City’s challenge comes from its monumental urban sprawl.

In Mini Motorways you take the job of real-time town planner, connecting colour-coded houses and places of business so that tiny cars can commute between the two. It’s been out for a while but has just added Dubai and Mexico City to its line-up, and the ability to build roundabouts.

Its mellow pace, peaceful sound effects, and steady built-in intensity are reminiscent of Nintendo’s formative Game & Watch titles, with Mini Motorways remaining mesmerising throughout.

Score: 8/10

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