Beware, a Slack bug is kicking users out of the Android app

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

In the always-connected, work from home age, we’re blessed with the ability to stay connected to work even when we’re not chained to a desk, but right now, that connection is interrupted on Android. The Slack app for Android is kicking out users with an “Invalid authorization” if they use Single Sign-On to log into the app — meaning you select “Sign in with Google” when you first open the app. Slack is aware of the issue and investigating a solution.

Slack is one of the best messaging apps today. While it’s more often used by businesses and corporations as a means of team communication and collaboration, there are many who use Slack just for gossiping with friends about the latest episodes or family group chat that’s outside of the Facebook and Google monoliths. Those personal Slack channels are less likely to use Single Sign-On, though, so hopefully, the only messages you’re missing this afternoon are questions from your boss.

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In the meantime, Slack’s website is working just fine, so stay close to a computer with desktop notifications enabled if you’re expecting any vital messages or meetings this afternoon or evening. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon, or at least by tomorrow morning.