Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

Blaupunkt is a brand that has been around in India for a very long time and is popular with its home and audio products. Blaupunkt may remind some people of car audio equipment as that has been one space where the German brand has been doing well for a few years. But now Blaupunkt has made a comeback in the Smart TV segment after a brief sabbatical. The company has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the Indian contract manufacturer Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, or popularly referred to as SPPL. As per the licensing contract, Blaupunkt’s manufacturing, branding, designing, packaging, and retailing supply chain will be handled by SPPL.

As part of its comeback, Blaupunkt has made a bang with four new “Made in India” models starting at as low as Rs 14,999. We got to spend some time with the company’s all-new 43-inch Smart 4K TV, which is part of Blaupunkt’s Cybersound series. To list a few highlights, the new 43-inch Blaupunkt Smart TV model gets a 4K panel, 50W speaker setup, and runs on Android 10. The best part is it costs Rs 30,999 in India, and at this aggressive price tag, it goes head-on with some popular Smart TV models from TCL, Vu, and Realme that offer similarly priced 43-inch models in India. But is the Blaupunkt 43-inch (43CSA7070) Smart TV worth your money? India Today Tech tries to find out.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: Bezel-less design adds some style

The Smart TV segment, especially the affordable ones, need a design refresh. We have reached a point where differentiating between two brands based on design has become challenging, and that’s probably because many Smart TV manufacturers depend on contractors like SPPL, which do not excel in the design department. Talking about the Blaupunkt 43-inch Smart TV, it looks similar to many 43-inch models that are available in India from brands like TCL, Vu, and Realme. However, one differentiating factor is the silver lining present on the bottom panel of the display, which also has Blaupunkt branding.

Yes, the bezel-less design around three sides of the Blaupunkt 43-inch model scores some brownie points and offers it a premium feel. However, during the review, I experienced that the thin bezels around the display add to the overall watching experience.

The tabletop stands are made of plastic, and that’s one place where I think a metal stand would have done far better. While that doesn’t mean that the TV wobbles when placed on a tabletop, but it’s just something that doesn’t give you confidence in the long run.

Several brands, including Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more, have switched to metal stands on their Smart TVs for the tabletop mount. The metal stand not only offers better confidence than a plastic stand but also looks promising for longevity.

There are plenty of connectivity options on the Blaupunkt 43-inch Smart TV, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and an RF connectivity input.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

Apart from the TV design, if there’s another thing that needs a refresh, it has to be remote. Blaupunkt’s 43-inch model remote feels dated. If the dedicated buttons for the OTT platform are removed, then hardly anyone will realise that this is a Smart TV remote. It’s too tall and has plenty of buttons to confuse you. Surprisingly, the remote feels like it was designed for an older model, and the buttons for accessing YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, and Google Assistant have been added on top. A smart TV remote plays a crucial role in adding to the overall TV watching experience. If you want to shut down your TV, you will have to long-press the Power button for a few seconds, and it shows a mobile-inspired pop-up reading, “Do you want to shut down?” with Ok and Cancel to choose from. This means every time you just hit the power button, the TV goes to sleep, and the moment you press the power button again, it wakes up.

In this regard, the Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV remote is a clear disappointment. Some of the buttons that I feel should have been given prominence are the Ok button which is too small, and the volume button could have been slightly taller, and at the bottom side. In fact, in my opinion, the entire navigation button could have been shifted downwards for a better TV browsing experience. The remote is also thicker than modern-day Smart TVs, leaving a lot of scope for improvement.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K on a budget, but isn’t the best panel out there

The Blaupunkt 43-inch Smart TV (43CSA7070) comes with a decent set of features like a built-in Chromecast and access to the Google Play store. In addition, it comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button that worked well for me during the entire review process and helped me look for several movies and where they are available to stream (just in case) with the help of voice command. The Blaupunkt Smart TV ships with an IPS panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a peak brightness of 450nits.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

The Blaupunkt TV offers decent viewing angles, which means you do not have to be put in a single position while watching videos, shows or movies. In addition, the TV offers a 60Hz refresh rate, and that’s more or less a norm currently in the affordable category. The Blaupunkt 43-inch model is powered by a MediaTek chipset coupled with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

Talking about real-world performance, the Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K Smart TV offers a bright panel, and there is colour accuracy as well. Furthermore, the features list claims that the TV also provides MEMC or short for motion estimation motion compensation (MEMC) technology. However, while watching HDR content and playing games, I noticed a bit of lag in the car chase scenes or any fast-moving scene playing on the TV.

In fact, in my opinion, the Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K Smart TV isn’t an excellent TV choice for plugging your console. In addition, the picture quality, at times, feels underwhelming.

I’m not sure, but it felt like MEMC never kicked off during scenes where it could have been most helpful. That apart, I also noticed that watching movies that had a lot of dark backgrounds where there is no light on the screen, it was hard seeing what was going on.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

There are multiple picture modes to choose from, like Movie, Sports, Standard, Vivid, and User. Users can also manually adjust the dynamic backlight while playing different content on the TV. However, I felt these Settings didn’t help the cause much.

For example, while watching Fear Street Part Two 1978, which is available in HDR on Netflix, I was confused about what was going on the screen and had to depend on subtitles because it’s a horror genre, so many parts are shot in darker places, and it was harder to notice what was really going on the Blaupunkt TV.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

Another example was The Tomorrow War on Prime Video, which is available in Ultra-HD and has excellent and fast action scenes. However, I noticed that Blaupunkt TV didn’t offer a great visual experience for scenes that deserved it. If you’re in the market for a 4K TV on a budget, then the Blaupunkt is a good choice, but remember, it doesn’t offer the best panel in the segment.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: Best speaker setup with Android 10 goodies

If there’s one department where the Blaupunkt 43-inch Smart TV beats all its competition, it has to be the sound setup. This one comes with a 50W and four-speaker setup, which is impressive for this price. In fact, Blaupunkt Smart TV outperforms some of the premium Smart TVs I have tested in recent years regarding audio output. It is clear and loud. The latter part that I mentioned isn’t much of a priority for smart TV manufacturers these days, and that’s where Blaupunkt shines.

The Smart TV supports Dolby Atmos and dtx X, enhancing the overall sound experience on the Blaupunkt TV. In my opinion, Blaupunkt TV offers a great cinematic audio experience for anyone who’s missing the fun of a movie theatre.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

Right from music, videos, shows or movies, Blaupunkt TV performs equally well across any content. Even while gaming, while plugging into the PS4, the overall audio output was satisfying.

The Blaupunkt TV runs on Android 10, and that means the Smart TV gets all the goodies like improved memory optimisation, which shows up while you shuffle between apps on the TV. It comes with a fast boot function which is excellent for someone who cannot wait for the TV to take its own time to boot up. The Google Play Store access means you have access to a plethora of apps.

There are no unnecessary apps preloaded on the Blaupunkt TV. When you boot up the TV, you get apps including Netflix, Prime Video, LiveTV, YouTube, YouTube Music, FaceBook Watch, and more. The Smart TV also offers functions like CastPlay, where you can mirror your smartphone screen on the TV, and it works well. Overall, in terms of UI, the Blaupunkt TV is vanilla, and I like it that way as I can download my choice of apps any time through Google Play.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: Should you buy it?

At Rs 30,999, the Blaupunkt 43-inch Smart TV is an excellent option for people who love watching and listening to music videos more than anything on a bigger screen. Why do I say that? Well, the Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K model isn’t the best out there in terms of the display panel, and the remote design feels ancient and, at times, confusing. However, the sound output of the Blaupunkt TV is fantastic and can beat many premium Smart TVs available in India at prices around Rs 1 lakh. The Smart TV beats everyone in the audio department and shows why the German brand is famous in India with its audio products.

In terms of features, you get a lot with the Blaupunkt TV that you expect from a modern-day Smart TV, so no compromise on that. In addition, it runs on Android 10 and offers Google Play store access, so you can always download your favourite apps and enjoy them.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to buy and experience a 4K TV, then the Blaupunkt TV is a good option. However, you should keep in mind that by adding another Rs 10,000, you can get far better display quality.

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review 7.5/10

Blaupunkt 43-inch 4K TV review: 4K experience on a budget with powerful sound


  • Decent bezel-less design
  • Amazing sound setup


  • 4K panel isn’t the best out there
  • Remote needs an upgrade
  • Plasticky tabletop stand does not give confidence