Can You Use FaceTime On Android?

Apple now lets iPhone owners share FaceTime video calls with Android phone users, but there are some limitations that come with the new feature.

Apple developed FaceTime for the iPhone but it can now be used with Android phones and tablets as well. Apple also opened up its video calling service to Windows computer users at the same time. With support for two of the world’s most popular operating systems, FaceTime calls with iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have become much more fun and inviting. There is a bit of setup required, however, and some limitations for Android users still apply.

With iOS 15, Apple added several new features to its popular video calling app. SharePlay lets iPhone users watch videos with others, synchronizing movies and videos from Apple TV, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, and more. Screen sharing via FaceTime is also possible, making it easy to share tips with another iPhone user. FaceTime can use Spatial Audio to help identify who is speaking with the voice of each person on-screen coming from a matching direction in the soundscape. Voice Isolation, Portrait blur, and Grid View were also added.

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iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners can still FaceTime with each other using the built-in app and now, with iOS 15, a FaceTime call can also be shared with Android phone and tablet owners. This is possible because Apple made its video call service available, in a limited form, via a web browser. To invite an Android user to join a FaceTime chat, an iPhone user can share a link that will show a slimmed-down FaceTime view that anyone can use.

FaceTime Link Setup & Limitations

Apple FaceTime iPhone And Android Phone

Since Android users can only view FaceTime video calls in a web browser, the experience is not as full-featured as the native app which is only available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. For example, a FaceTime call can’t be started with an Android device. Most of the special features, such as SharePlay, Spatial Audio, and screen sharing are also missing for Android users. Not to mention, the connection might not be as stable or glitch-free in a browser. This is a new feature for Apple and it is likely to improve over time. For now, it is simply a way to include Android and Windows users in a FaceTime video call.

Shared web links are easy to create in the FaceTime app, using the big button that appears in the top left. The option to share the link or copy it is shown immediately, but the Apple user will need to be in the call before any Android user can enter. The iPhone user also has to accept the new person before they can join, which is necessary since this is a web link that can be used by anyone. In fact, the same link can also be used on Windows and Linux computers as well.

The world really isn’t divided up according to the device being used and neither are friends and family. With iOS 15, Apple opened up FaceTime so iPhone owners can finally share a video call with Android users.

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