Chrome 91 adds built-in screenshot tool on Android and it is awesome

We’ve been tracking the addition of a new share sheet in Chrome and the addition of the included, built-in screenshot tool for some time. While it has taken quite a bit of time to arrive here in Chrome 91, it is no less welcome and no less awesome for it. Rolling out widely for all users, this new feature at first seemed a bit unnecessary and repetitive given the fact that nearly all Android phones already have a baked-in screenshot tool. However, after playing with it for a few minutes, I can say that this is a worthy add-on and one I think Google was smart to employ.

First up, let’s cover how and where you’ll see this new feature. On any page on the web, you can click the share button in your 3-dot overflow menu up top, select share, and from the custom Chrome share sheet, you can now see and select the brand-new screenshot button. You can see what I’m talking about below in the first screenshot. I went ahead and added in a few other screenshots (ironically taken on my phone’s screenshot tool since, well, you get it) that we’ll chat a bit about after you take a look.