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The universe tends towards entropy. He said it Rudolf clausius in the 19th century and the science fiction writer theorized with it Philip K. Dick, who coined the term kipple to talk about how everything turns to trash over time. And on your Android phone, that entropy translates into forgotten files that monopolize memory and slow down the operating system. The solution, a Cleaner type tool. You can, for example, download CCleaner, with which, literally, clean the memory of your smartphone of files that they are useless and take up space.

Google itself wanted to help in this task with its own app, the first to head this selection. His name is Google files and its purpose is to bring order to the chaos of your Android by finding photos, videos, audios and documents. The ones you don’t want, delete them. Those that do, move them to the cloud or copy them to a memory card. It’s free and works on any Android phone. In addition, this Cleaner solution allows cleaning both in the internal memory like in the SD card.

But on Google Play you will find more alternatives. We start with the most popular, inherited from Windows. Many recommend downloading CCleaner to do cleaning on your Android. And if it doesn’t convince you, you have more options to choose from.


You may know it from having used it in Windows. It also has a version for macOS and, of course, you can download CCleaner for Android. Piriform’s Cleaner tool is used to find unused files.

Cache, empty folders, APK installers, histories and logs, remnants of already deleted applications … In the memory of your Android phone you can find everything over time. And maybe eliminating all that you will get more free space.

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CCleaner allows a quick analysis but also a more specific one for content such as photographs, videos, etc. It will also recommend stopping certain memory-consuming applications. It even shows you information about CPU, RAM, internal and external memory, battery, etc.

One Booster

Cleaner - download ccleaner

Among the most downloaded Cleaner solutions, it stands out One Booster, an app that abounds in many copies but that does its job.

Its main task is to analyze the phone memory and thus clear cache. This will give you a little more free space. In addition, it allows you to know which applications consume more battery and put a brake on them.

If instead of downloading CCleaner you choose One Booster, you will find an app that includes free antivirus along with maintenance and cleaning options.

Memory Cleaner

Cleaner - download ccleaner

Straight to the point and similar to other Android cleaners, Memory Cleaner covers several fronts, like the previous app. First, clean. Second, it lengthens the battery life.

To clear Android memory, allow uninstall apps, delete files and find duplicate photos. If this seems little to you, it allows you to detect the apps that spend the most resources and more battery consume.

It will also help you to find the largest files, the repeated photos … Come on, you will have the opportunity to put order in that file and folder chaos and thus delete it or send it to Google Drive.

Phone Cleaner

Cleaner and other apps to save space on your Android smartphone – CVBJ

Similar to One Booster, Phone Cleaner It attacks cache, junk files and other meaningless busy memory. Both in the internal memory and on the SD card. And it also clears the notifications.

As an addition, it integrates a tool to block apps. Thus, if you share your phone with someone or it is stolen, no one will be able to open WhatsApp, Facebook or determine an app with personal data or content that you do not want to show.

Other options, to suit the user, are the RAM liberator, something that does not always help, since Android already does that for you. It also has a CPU cooler. Or rather, it detects the apps that squeeze the most CPU.

SD Maid

Cleaner - download ccleaner

We end up with the most discreet option but recommended by many. Is named SD Maid and it is used to find files to delete. From caches and applications deprecated up to duplicate databases and files.

This Cleaner-type tool will also serve as a file explorer to view the contents of the phone and your SD card. So maybe you will find files to delete. Combining manual and automatic actions, SD Maid will keep your smartphone clean without the need to do a reset.