Clubhouse confirmed for Android: the version is already in development

20 years ago there was hardly a Facebook, or an MSN Messenger. Today it is impossible to conceive of the world – or much of it – without what we call ‘social networks’. Many are those that are created and come out every year seeking to be the next viral hit, but few, very few stay and achieve the status that a Twitter or an Instagram have. But they keep coming out, and among the newest we have a so-called Clubhouse that is becoming a viral trend.

What is Clubhouse?

You’re welcome a Twitter in which the messages are only audios, a WhatsApp full of voice notes and no text, an Instagram without photos and only with audio. That is clubhouse, a social network as minimalist as Twitter in its approach, focused exclusively on audios. In Clubhouse there are no text messages, because you post with your voice.

The description who makes herself Clubhouse it is “a new kind of voice-based social product [que] allows people from all over the world talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships and meet new and interesting people around the world “. The app is divided into different conversations and chats on different topics, something like a podcast live and direct, and you have the option of simply listening or participating in the exchange of audios.

What is spoken in the Clubhouse stays in the Clubhouse

For those who are wondering about privacy options and others, Clubhouse now has a golden rule: what is spoken in the app does not come out of it, or in other words: the audio itself that you send when participating in Clubhouse does not is recorded, there is no recording of the conversations and these They cannot be stored on a device such as the mobile from which you are participating.

The fashion social network in high profiles

As often happens in the world of top Influencers, personalities, Celebrities and high profile people, the more exclusive something is, the more they want to have it before it disappears or becomes something ‘mainstream’ and anyone can have it. So right now Clubhouse is a stronghold of many people known as Elon Musk, Drake, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher o Chris Rock -Musk made a live show within the app that brought together more than 5,000 participants in one go.

Even Bill Gates, the creator of Windows and co-founder of Microsoft is among its participants – speakers, after an interview in which he spoke about why he prefers Android phones to iPhones.

In fact, it is precisely this elitist profile of upper-class users and their closed nature that is catapulting Clubhouse to success, that to give you an idea, With just 1,500 registered users as of May 2020, Clubhouse was already worth no less than $ 100 million at that time. And since that date its figures have only increased, since now the number of users has grown to the current 600,000 -Instagram has more than one billion active users per month, for example.

How to join Clubhouse on iOS?

The million dollar question: How do I join this social network? Well the answer is simple: exclusively by invitation. To sign up and start using Clubhouse you need to someone who is already inside the app invites you. If you enter the App Store you will see that there is an app for iPhone, but the only thing you can do with it after installing it is to find yourself a username and ‘reserve’ it for when you have a formal invitation.

The authors of Clubhouse have already expressed their intentions to expand the reach of their social network much more so that everyone can use it, but for now they want to build a community slowly and well, in addition to preparing the necessary tools and infrastructure so that Clubhouse does not Fall off when anyone can join

Clubhouse up and running for Android too

It was clear that if the Clubhouse authors were looking for further expansion of their social network, they had to make the leap to Android, the most installed operating system in the world. And although at the moment it has not been officially announced, we have seen a confirmation by other channels: It was Mopewa Ogundipe, a software developer specialized in Android, who confirmed on his Twitter account this same:

“Today is my first day at @joinClubhouse. If you know me, you will know that I have ‘opinions’ on apps that are only for iOS. So I’m excited to join the team to bring the party to Android”.

Having an Android version and opening the subscription process would certainly increase Clubhouse’s user numbers quickly. The question is, will this Android version take a long time? Because others like Instagram took almost 2 years to be ported from iOS to Android.

Disclaimer: This article is generated from the feed and not edited by our team.