Dance Apps You Should Download if Busting a Move is Your Ideal Workout

Workouts and exercises have always been important when it comes to maintaining good health even before the pandemic began, but they have been almost like a must these days. 

Like almost anything and everything these days as well, workouts and exercises have gone online and digital. Now it is possible to workout at home or anywhere you find more convenient because of all the YouTube videos and workout apps on mobile.

There are tons of workout apps that can be downloaded either on Android or iOS. If you are into martial arts, for example, there are martial arts apps available for mobile.

If you happen to find dancing as your kind of workout, there are apps for that too. Whether it’s simple dance cardios, salsa, or even belly dance and pole dance, there is an app that fits what you’re looking for. 

Here are some of them that you can download straight to your phone:

Belly Dance App: Belly Dance Fitness

(Photo : Trizek from Wikimedia Commons)
Fat Chance Belly Dance, at the Tribal Umrah festival, Rennes August 2012

Dance apps are aplenty in mobile app stores, so it should not be a surprise that there are apps for belly dance, a type of expressive dancing with origins rooted in Egypt, as well. 

Belly Dance Fitness, according to an article by Beyond the Barre, focuses on showing users that belly dancing can lead to overall fitness. This dance app features guides for beginner dancers and even tips on how to dress for belly dance. 

This dance app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

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Dance Cardio Workout App: DanceBody LIVE

Dance Cardio Workout

(Photo : Danielle Cerullo from Unsplash)

Dance comes in many different kinds and forms, and you might not want to focus on just one specific kind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because there is a dance app that has generic dance cardio workouts that you can download. 

DanceBody LIVE, which is available both on Android and iOS, is an app that features “instructors will take you through fun dance cardio moves, as well as toning that’ll make you feel the burn,” according to an article by Refinery29

Refinery29 describes the dance cardio workout routines as rather technical, but it is mostly because the instructors are actual dancers too. 

Salsa App: Pocket Salsa


(Photo : Marko Zirdum from Pexels)

Salsa can be both the music genre as well as the dance that goes with that kind of music. If dancing salsa is your thing or it is something you want to learn, be sure to download Pocket Salsa. 

According to an article by Beebom, which referred to the dance app as the “highest rated salsa app on the App Store,” Pocket Salsa features more than 100 video lessons. These dance lessons are led by actual salsa dancers so you know you are in good hands when it comes to learning the right moves. 

This dance app is available both for Android and iOS. 


(Photo : Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay )

Many gyms and fitness centers out there offer Zumba classes to members or anyone willing to participate. In fact, Zumba has become such a trend that Zumba Fitness CEO Alberto Perlman was able to create a company that caters to it. 

If Zumba is something you are interested in trying at home or anywhere you find convenient, check out the Zumba Dance Exercise Offline app. Available only for Android, Zumba Dance Exercise Offline “contains cheerful, peppy Spanish numbers” that is for everyone. 

As its name suggests, this dance app works offline, making it convenient to use anytime. 

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