Dell revamps its Mobile Connect app to take on Microsoft’s Your Phone

Dell’s Mobile Connect app has been shipping in the company’s PCs for a while now. It predates Microsoft’s Your Phone service, and frankly, it’s offered better and more functionality since day one. The biggest example of this is that it’s always had iOS support, something that Microsoft hasn’t even publicly attempted. These days, Dell Mobile Connect can even transfer files from your iPhone to your PC at AirDrop-like speeds, mirror your iPhone’s screen, and more. It does all of that stuff with Android too, but Android is a much more open operating system and it’s not as impressive.

Now, Dell Mobile Connect is getting a redesign. Across the board, it seems to be getting a new UX.

The biggest change is that the new look is one big window that can have a number of widgets on it. It lets you organize them how you want to, and as the tweet says, you can resize them. Unfortunately, those widgets do not have rounded corners like we’ve seen across Windows 11.

Note that Dell Mobile Connect is designed exclusively for Dell and Alienware PCs. There used to be some workarounds for getting it from the Microsoft Store on any system, but Dell ended up building a system check into the app. Now, it seems that you can get the app to work with some registry tweaks, according to @nicolaspopy.

Dell Mobile Connect is a pretty solid product for integrating your phone and your PC. You can send and receive texts, make and receive calls, mirror your screen and interact with it, and even share files. If you’ve got a modern Dell PC, it’s something that’s worth checking out. To get the update, you can update the app through the Microsoft Store. Naturally, you’ll also need the companion apps for iOS or Android.