Duskwood Episode 8 now available on Android and iOS

Mobile game developer Everbyte has released the eight episode of the interactive thriller Duskwood.  This interactive detective thriller has seen increasing popularity lately with player numbers doubling to over 1 million active players.   This episode is the largest so far and opens the possibilities for even more players thanks to new languages.  A teaser for this latest episode can be seen below….

Duskwood is a modern detective game that has players investigate a mysterious kidnapping case.  It’s been 72 hours since a young girl called Hannah vanished in the remote region of Duskwood and the only lead so far is a message from her phone containing the player’s phone number.  The locals of Duskwood are seldom concerned about the disappearances in the region but this particular kidnapping has them all on edge.  Can players solve this kidnapping?

Players don’t take the role of another character in the game, rather they become part of the story with the game being played in a WhatsApp-style messenger.  Although clues will be able to be found throughout the game the main focus is within the dialogue of the messenger style interface.

This thriller features:

  • Immersive Mystery-Thriller: You are part of the story.
  • Real People: Search through their profiles to find out more about them.
  • Multimedia Content: Video calls, voice messages and much more.
  • Spy Mode: Gain access to confidential information.
  • Mini Games: Solve challenging puzzles to unlock additional hints and story segments.

Duskwood: Episode 8 is available now and the game is available for free and is playable offline.