Five Newer Android Games You’ll Want To Sink Your Time Into

Android games these days are filled to the brim with free-to-play titles that still have a way of convincing people to let go of some of their hard-earned money. Some of them are very good, and some of them are not. What they all have in common is that similarly to how you would pay by mobile casino for an easy bit of fun, many top Android games make it really easy (and enticing) to spend some money on in-game items.

We thought it would be fun to put together a short collection of five newer Android games that you’ll definitely want to sink some of your time into. And maybe even a little bit of money, though that is of course entirely optional and not required to have fun with these games.

Five newer Android games you just might love

If you’re looking for something to play for an upcoming weekend, or to just fill a little time in the evenings during the week, consider the games below. Each game is free-to-play and a little bit different from each other so as to feature multiple genres.

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution Costumes

Marvel Future Revolution is the newest action RPG from Netmarble and just like with Marvel Future Fight, you get to run around as some of your favorite superheroes and save the world. The game features some really excellent combat and a great story that easily pulls you in.

For some, the best part of the game, or one of the best parts, might just be the costume collection that’s available for all 8 heroes. And trust us, there are a lot of different costume options for each of them. You can find out more about the costumes in our big Marvel Future Revolution guide. But in short, you can unlock a lot of different looks and each look has various colored variants. Some of the costumes you’ll even be able to buy.

Aside from the costumes, there’s a big open world of stuff to explore, quests to pick up and complete, and bosses to battle in more challenging PvE content. There’s even some PvP content so you can test your skills against other players. If you wish to do so. Basically if you’re a Marvel fan this is probably the best Marvel game on mobile.

Beatstar – Touch Your Music


You ever played Rock Band on consoles back in the day? Or some other type of rhythm game that simply asked you to follow the beat of the music and hit the right notes? Chances are you may have. And if you like those kinds of games, then you should definitely check out Beatstar – Touch Your Music.

It has a wide collection of officially licensed tracks to beat and just when you think things are too easy, you’ll be slapped with a bit of a challenge. There are songs from a bunch of top artists and it even features the ability to climb ranks and play with friends.

Puzzle Quest 3

Puzzle Quest 3

Everyone loves puzzles. Some more than others, sure. And some people prefer a more challenging puzzle than others. But when it comes down to it, puzzles, both hard and more casual, are exciting and rewarding.

Puzzle Quest 3 amps up the excitement by taking a match 3 puzzle game and splicing in epic fantasy battles between your hero and numerous enemies. There are five different classes to choose from too. Including the Necromancer, the Assassin, Shaman, Beserker, or Paladin.

It features both single player and PvP multiplayer gameplay too. So you can work your way through the game’s varying storylines that you can unlock for each of the classes, and also dive into some multiplayer puzzle battles with other players.

Naturally, there’s also loot you can acquire to make your hero even stronger. So make sure to pay attention to the gear you pick up as you play because you may just need to swap some out of it out sooner than you think.

Puzzle Quest 3 is an early access title, which means the game is still in development. And that means that you could come into contact with issues here or there. You aren’t guaranteed to hit bugs. But the possibility is generally higher with an early access game. So that’s something worth mentioning here.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge

My Friend Pedro

If you played the original My Friend Pedro on console and PC, then you might love this mobile follow-up. It features a lot of the same action you get from the main game and it’s filled with 37 levels to make your way through.

Just like the rest of the games on this list, My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is a free game but it does feature in-game purchases. The main difference here is that really the only purchase for this title is a purchase to get rid of ads.

As Devolver Digital has now changed things and given players a way to play the entire game for free. Prior to the most recent update, you had to unlock the full game by buying it. But now, you can play the full game entirely for free if you’re willing to deal with the ads.

Or, if you want an ad-free experience, you can buy it through the in-game purchase. Either way, My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge is here to sate your fun-seeking hunger. Trust us. It’s pretty fun.

Wheel Of Fortune: Words Of Fortune Crossword Fun

Words Of Fortune Crossword Fun

Last but certainly not least out of our chosen five free games is Wheel of Fortune: Words Of Fortune Crossword Fun from Sony Pictures Television. Just like on Wheel Of Fortune, you’ll have to solve word puzzles and of course you get to spin the wheel and win prizes.

There’s also leaderboards to climb, puzzle game boards, word search gameplay, and unlockable word tiles with different designs if you want to jazz things up. If you like word games, you’ll probably love this one. Especially if you want something more casual and relaxing to play that challenges your brain at the same time.