Galaxy Z Fold 3 gets a Microsoft app designed for foldable

Over the last few years, Samsung and Microsoft have enjoyed a partnership that favors Galaxy phones. Initially, it simply appeared as a pre-installed Microsoft app, and of course people were considering bloatware or special offers with some Microsoft subscription services. The partnership ultimately resulted in more results, including tight integration with Windows 10 and a new version of the productivity app specifically designed for Samsung’s new foldable phone.

Folding phones don’t just mean having a big screen. It also means that there is a slightly new form factor or user experience that revolves around placing two virtual areas on the same screen. Given how few foldable phones are on the market, it’s not surprising that few apps actually use them.

Fortunately, the close relationship between Microsoft and Samsung could have helped software giants lead others in that regard. The Microsoft app has been around for a long time on Android and is pre-installed on many Samsung phones, but now there are three. Designed for maximum use On the screen of Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The most basic way to happen is to use Android’s native split screen support to allow two different apps to run side by side. However, some Microsoft apps have a special layout when used with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. For example, in Microsoft Teams, attendees are displayed at the bottom and full screen at the top. Outlook’s dual-pane mode allows you to preview your email. While reading the full email on the one hand, on the other.

As Samsung’s latest high-end Galaxy phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 may be added to the list of devices compatible with various Windows 10 Your Phone features. It’s definitely great if other major apps follow, especially since Google itself encourages Android app developers to keep such form factors in mind when designing the user experience. ..

Galaxy Z Fold 3 gets a Microsoft app designed for foldable

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