Game Dashboard On Android 12 Picks Up Play Games Integration

At its annual Google for Games Developer Summit last month, Google previewed integration between its Play Games and Android 12’s new Game Dashboard feature. This integration is now starting to roll out to users. The version 2021.07.28550 of the Google Play Games app, which started rolling via the Play Store over the weekend, brings this integration.

According to an XDA report, the Google Play Games widget appears in the main Game Dashboard following this update. It shows your Play Games username, progress level, achievements, and leaderboards (if available) for games that support Play Games. Tapping this widget will take you to a new page where you can see a detailed view of your Play Games profile.

At the top is your profile avatar with your Play Games progress level, username, and your Google account’s email address. You then have the achievements card where you will find all the achievements you have unlocked or you have yet to unlock. Below it, you have the leaderboards card that houses leaderboards for all your games. Earlier, all this information was available only through the dedicated Google Play Games app. But by integrating it with the Game Dashboard on Android 12, Google is making it easier to keep track of your progress in-game.

Android finally has a dedicated set of tools for gamers

While most Android smartphones now come with various gaming tools that enhance the gameplay experience, those are all OEM-specific. Google’s stock Android doesn’t have many such user-facing gaming tools. But that’s about to change with Android 12. The company is introducing a new Game Dashboard that offers features like a screen recorder, FPS monitor, do not disturb toggle, one-tap YouTube streaming button, and many more.

To further enhance the experience for users, Google is also integrating its Play Games app with Game Dashboard. And as you can see in the screenshots above, it makes tracking your progress easier and more convenient.

Game Dashboard is available on select devices running Android 12 Beta 4. The feature is accessible from Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules > Gaming. Here, you will find a toggle for the Game Dashboard and settings for other gaming features.

Once fully rolled out, a floating menu will give users access to the aforementioned features during gaming sessions. Of course, game developers will also have to add support for the new Game Mode APIs for Game Dashboard to be feature-complete. With Android 12 nearing its official stable release, you can expect more games to support it in the coming weeks.