GAMEGOS’s Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm is now out on Android in early access | Articles

Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm is a brand new game where players will be able to build their very own paradise farm and find epic treasures during their thrilling journeys. The game has been developed by GAMEGOS, who have produced several popular games like Manor Cafe and Cafeland – World Kitchen.

About the game

Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm will see players exploring the wild tropical islands and hunting for treasures with the characters Lydia, Henry, and their gorilla buddy Jojo. The game will eventually unravel the hidden pasts of these characters. Players will also meet extraordinary personalities along the way in this fun and rich story that takes place in breathtaking seaside scenery.

Game features

Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm will have players restore Lydia’s town by fixing buildings, producing ingredients, and gathering resources to craft useful materials that will help them on their expeditions to mysterious locations. The game will also allow players to build their very own farm and perform several tasks like harvesting crops, raising animals, and catching fish for food.

Other prominent features of the game include the ability to trade and deliver orders to receive amazing rewards, expand the village, and travel to exotic islands with the likes of Lydia and Henry, where players can solve mysteries, discover ancient ruins, and find mythic treasures by completing quests.


Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm promises to be an entertaining experience for players. Its highlight is the focus given to provide quality gameplay combined with an intriguing plot full of twists and turns. This combination guarantees gamers an engaging time in the short-term and an enhanced long-term experience due to the finer details added by the developers.

Early access version of Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm is now available to download from Google Play.

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