Gmail App Now Allows You To Swiftly Change Your Google Profile Picture

Changing or replacing your profile picture for the Gmail app on Android, iOS is now simpler and faster than before.

Aside from removing your current picture, you can now change your Google profile picture without leaving Gmail app
for Android or iOS. The search engine giant is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to make Gmail the one app that can be used for everything.

The Gmail mobile app is loaded with awe-inspiring features such as editing, video calls, messaging, and email. In addition to the aforesaid features, the app now has a quick shortcut to remove or change your current Google profile picture.

Changing Google Profile Picture in Gmail app for Android, iOS

Much to the relief of Gmail users, they do not need to access Google’s settings menu to change their profile pictures. This can now be done through an easy-to-use option available in the Gmail app on the phone.

You need to have the Gmail app installed on your mobile phone to change or replace your Google profile picture in Gmail. Moreover, your profile picture should be saved on your phone.

First off, you need to open the Gmail app on your phone. The next step involves tapping the current profile picture at the top-right corner of the Gmail app.

Tap your current profile picture on the following screen. Then, tap ‘Change’ if you want to change your picture. Alternatively, you can tap ‘Remove’ to delete your current profile picture.

Google account switcher shortcut

The account switcher, located at the top-right corner of Gmail includes a list of all your accounts. This is a standard interface across the latest first-party apps, featuring quick shortcuts to “Manage your Google Account” or add new ones.

The account switcher shortcut was first spotted in Contacts in February by Google. It expanded to Gmail via a recent update. It is live on Android, as well as iOS.

This shortcut is likely to be made available on other apps, but it is best suited for productivity-centric applications, according to 9To5Google. It is currently unavailable for Docs, Drive, Meet, and Chat.

Gmail Profile Picture Android iOS 1

The new Gmail with to Chat and Rooms is currently available on iOS for free Google Accounts. Keeping in line with Google’s ambition to make Gmail the new “home for work,” the company wants to ensure users can get everything done in just one page.

Gmail Profile Picture Android iOS 2

Google unveiled several productivity-oriented features during I/O 2021 in an attempt to bring Workspace apps closer together. The company also announced a “Save to Google Photos” shortcut for consumers during the event.