Google Brings Updated Android Auto: Know what’s on offer?

This is the age, of connected cars. The carmakers are offering their dedicated connected car apps. This modern in-car infotainment system is also available with a host of connected features. However, the Android auto is something, which still many prefer.

The navigation, music accessibility from the phone, phone-car connectivity, receiving the call is few features that are the USP of Android Auto, since its introduction in the year, 2015.

Google, this company is US based technology giant, it has recently updated the

which is US based technology giant, it has recently updated the Android Auto interface, in order to have a better user experience. The technology company has also added few new features to its Android Auto.

Updated Android Auto offers to its users.

A New Dashboard

The Android Auto has got a new user interface, which is more convenient for the users. However, there is nothing major as the basic functionalities are the same as before.

Dual Sim Support

The users of dual-Sim Android smartphones would now have the option to select which Sim card to use while making calls via Android Auto. The above update comes supporting Android’s work profile, which enables the users to check the upcoming work meetings and messaging using the car’s infotainment display.

You can play games

This might seem contrary to the hands-free logic of using Android Auto. However, we find the Google has introduced the games to Android Auto. However, one can only play these games, if Android Auto detects the car is parked and not in the move. These games would be provided by an HTML 5 platform, Gamesnacks, which has been developed by Google’s Area 120.

Voice Command

Google has also enabled the Google Assistant, so that it can perform few functions, wherein the users can access through Android Auto. The above features come as part of the tech giant’s voice forward strategy. If the user states, Hey Google, let’s drive. The system would pull up the Android Auto Interface, dashboard and all. Messages received can also be read by the assistant.