Google Calendar, News & Fi Get Android 12 Material You Widgets

Google is adding Material You widgets for Android 12 quite aggressively. A lot of the Google apps already have Material You Android 12 widgets.

Cut to now, according to a new report by 9To5Google, Google is adding another batch of widgets. Notably, the Material You Android 12 widgets are now available for the Google Calendar, Google News, and Google Fi apps.

Recently, the company rolled out widgets for Google Maps, Google Keep, and Clock. Besides, the Google Photos Memories widget would be the first widget to make use of the freeform widget offered by Material You.

According to Google, the Material You Android 12 widgets for Google Calendar, Google News, and Google Fi are officially live. However, the widgets for Google Photos, Drive, and YouTube Music are yet to roll out.

Talking about the new widget for Google Fi, the Fi “Data Usage Widget” for MVNO subscribers gets the Material You treatment. It gets the standard Dynamic color feature and thick progress indicator.

Interestingly, in the official blog post, Google mentioned nothing about the Google Calendar widget. Folks at 9To5Google were the ones to spot it.

Google News Material You Android 12 widget also gets a large pill-shaped redesign

The Google Calendar widget’s previous revision simply touched the surface in terms of the redesign. Thankfully, the Material You widget gives it a more modern look.

It now sports a large round square FAB at the top. Opposite to it is the day and date. Users can scale the widget to a quite large size and place it anywhere on their home screen.

In line with this, Google is also revamping the design of the Google News Material You widget. Apparently, it is no longer a card, and it gets the Android 12’s pill-shaped design.

The new design puts images in a large pill shape square at the top, whereas the publication and headlines appear below it.

The company also shared a few glimpses of the upcoming Gmail widget. The Chrome home screen item would allow users to initiate a search, open a new incognito tab, or perform a voice search.

As noted by 9To5Google, it’s coming straight from the iOS version of the Google Chrome browser. These new Android 12 Material You widgets seem to be available only for Pixel devices running Android 12 at the moment.

So, if you have an eligible Pixel device, then you can also place a Google Calendar, Google News, or Google Fi Material You Android 12 widget on your home screen.