Google Play Store apps leak data for millions of Android users – are you at risk?

In its study online CyberNews said: “Our team’s findings show that 14 top Android apps, collectively downloaded by at least 142.5 million users, have their Firebase real-time databases unsecured, leaving their data out in the open.

“According to CyberNews researcher Martynas Vareikis, this indicates that the app is leaking not only user data, but also their private messages to anyone to access and do with as they please.”

In terms of what Android apps were affected, the research only mentioned apps which have now rectified the data leaking problem.

The most popular affected app was Universal TV Remote Control, which on its own has been installed onto over 100million Android devices.

The next most popular app was Find My Kids: Child GPS watch app & Phone Tracker which had over 10million installs from the Google Play Store.

Hybrid Warrior : Dungeon of the Overlord and Remote for Roku : Codematics – the other apps named by CyberNews – both have over one million installs.