GUIDE: How to fix Spotify Offline Sync not working

Users have reported a Spotify “Offline Sync not working” error which renders them unable to play their music playlists without being connected to the internet, which is the whole point of the offline sync function. In this case, users attempting to use the download function to create an offline music playlist and sync files for use just hit a wall and Spotify won’t let them. Here’s how to fix the Spotify not syncing offline function.

Is there a Spotify Offline Sync not working fix?

To fix the problem with Spotify’s Offline Sync not working:

  • Go to Settings, scroll down to Local Files, then make sure it is enabled or re-enable it. Wait a few minutes then try syncing again.
  • Connect the phone to PC/Mac then click on Spotify’s Devices tab and sync. Make sure this is done with Spotify installed on all devices.
  • Make sure both Spotify and the local computer the songs are syncing with are on the same Wi-fi network.
  • Make sure Spotify is updated correctly on all devices.
  • Make sure any local files being synced are in mp3 format and do not have any DRM attached, such as paid-for songs.
  • If on Android, plug the phone into a PC/Mac and copy any mp3 files directly to the phone’s Music folder. These should appear in Spotify under “local files” now.

Hopefully one of these fixes should sort out this pesky issue. For more help with Spotify, here’s what to do if users are suffering from the “can’t play this right now” error instead, and here’s what to do if Spotify is saying that no internet connection is dedicated under error code 4. Finally, here’s how to use Spotify to take the place of the custom Groove music option in Forza Horizon 5, which was sadly removed from the most recent Forza game.