Here are Some Useful Pet Apps Every Pet Owner Should Have

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Being a pet owner is one of the most rewarding things. Sometimes, however, things can get challenging, especially if your pet is not feeling well or is not in the best of moods. 

It can also be particularly more difficult for first-time pet owners. There is so much to learn and figure out that it can be easier said than done to do the right things to make your pet happy and healthy. 

Whether you are a newbie pet owner or you have many years of experience, here are some pet apps that you may find useful as your care for your animal friend. 


Whether you have a pet dog, cat, bird, or even a ferret, 11pets is one of the pet apps that are perfect for any pet owner. It is also useful for people who are part of animal welfare organizations and even those who own or are employees of professional grooming services. 

11pets can be used to make logs and set reminders for medications, scheduled vaccinations, and have a complete medical history of their pet/s, including lab results, blood tests, and more. You can also use this pet app to monitor vital metrics and even store photos.

11pets is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. 

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Every pet owner knows how difficult leaving pets behind during a trip is. If you are the type of owner who can’t leave your pet behind, BringFido is one of the pet apps you should download right now. 

BringFido is all about pet-friendly travel and provides information on pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, parks, and the like. For hotels, it is possible to narrow down the search results to hotels that do not charge extra fees for pets, according to an article by Lifehack.

BringFido is available for both iOS and Android devices. 


Pets, similarly to humans, need a lot of things to survive. They need food, treats, cages, and many other supplies. If you need help shopping for all the pet essentials you need, Chewy is a pet app you should consider downloading. 

According to an article by Android Authority, the app “boasts over 1,000 brands of various items, free shipping on some orders, and more.” These brands carry items for different pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and fish. 

Chewy is available for download for both iOS and Android apps

Tractive GPS

One of the greatest fears of a pet owner is to lose a pet that suddenly wandered off. If you want to keep track of your animal friend’s location, Tractive GPS is an app you should download. 

Tractive GPS is a pet app that mainly caters to dog and cat owners and helps them monitor the whereabouts of their furry friends. The app comes with a tracker attached to the pet’s collar. 

This pet app can also be used to designate safe areas for pets. If your pet steps outside that designated area, the app will inform you about it. 

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