Horror hit Alien: Isolation coming to iOS and Android in December, pre-orders now live

One of the biggest horror franchises, Alien, received a mobile game two years ago that many thought it would be a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation PC/console game. After teasing the game without saying what it is, fans were disappointed to learn that Alien: Blackout is a mobile game that continues the adventures of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. Today, SEGA made the franchise justice and revealed the upcoming release of Alien: Isolation on iOS and Android. Developed by Feral Interactive, the studio behind many successful mobile ports such as Company of Heroes, Total War, XCOM 2, and GRID Autosport, the game is scheduled for launch on December 12.

Thankfully, fans of the series will be getting the complete survival horror experience without any compromises. Specifically designed for touchscreen play and featuring a fully customizable interface, Alien: Isolation will also include gamepad support. Additionally, Feral Interactive confirmed that the game will include all seven DLC packs, such as Last Survivor and Crew Expendable.

Currently, Alien: Isolation is available for pre-order via the App Store for $15 / £13 / €15. Android players will soon be able to register their interest on the Google Play Store.