How Google Is Trying To Fix iMessage Emojis On Android

If an iPhone user hearts an image in a text, Android users see a text with no context. However, Google found a way to convert it to a similar emoji.

Google has recently started rolling out a fix for iMessage emojis that aren’t coming through correctly in Android text messages. Ideally, messaging would be a universal solution showing the same images, text, animations, and Emoji to all. Unfortunately, developers diverged on this issue and iPhone messages don’t have the same appearance on Android phones as they do on Apple devices.

Google has made several attempts at a cross-platform messaging service but none have proven successful. Google Talk, Hangouts, and Duo are chat services, while Google Voice, Hangouts, and Allo are texting services. All offered good solutions to various needs, but it was a bit confusing why there were so many and, unfortunately, none proved to be popular enough on the iPhone to become a universal messaging solution. It’s unlikely that Apple will ever make its Messages app available to Android users, so that leaves the task of better integration to Google.


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In the latest beta version (10.7) of Google’s Messages app, 9to5 Google uncovered code that pointed to fixes for some of the problems with communication between an Android phone and an iPhone, and those changes are now already rolling out. Currently, when iPhone users react to a message or photo with a thumbs up or a heart, Android users don’t see the icon. Instead, it posts as a separate message that isn’t very useful. Google’s latest update will correct that problem and show emoji over the message similar to an iPhone, despite a lack of help from Apple regarding standardizing messaging.

How Google Shows iMessages Now

iOS 14 and Android 11's messaging apps

The mismatch between what iPhone and Android users see is confusing, but will soon be changing for emoji reactions, thanks to Google’s update. Apple allows reactions to messages just like RCS text, but only supports SMS text when sending to Android. Thankfully, Google has come up with a way to automatically interpret and cleanup iMessage texts in Android Messages, making life easier for Android users.

Apple replaces reactions with text as if explaining the emoji. This clutters up the thread, particularly if there are multiple people chatting at a quick pace. Since the format of these texts is consistent and not common speech for a text message, Google’s Messages app can scan the text replacement and convert it back into an emoji, somehow identifying which image or message was liked and adding an Android emoji that’s similar to what an iPhone user sees.

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Source: 9to5 Google

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